Hallmark's Countdown To Christmas Movie Marathon Programming

Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movie Programming


I am not sure if you know this or now, but The Hallmark Channel has one serious collection of feel good, holiday love story movies to knock your socks off.

Their event is called Countdown To Christmas, Holiday Movies all Day! All Night!

And it's true!

Ever since October 29th they've been cranking out one holiday movie after another, all with the background theme of love in the air.

The movies have cast that include the talents of

Alicia Witt,
Anne Heche,
Colin Ferguson,
David Haydn-Jones,
Dean Cain,
Erin Gray,
Jamie King,
Joan Hart,
Tom Skerritt

Just to name a very small list of cast.

I've been known to call these films the Syfy Channel's version of love. The production values are not the tip-top notch, but they get the job done. But unlike the Syfy Channel where they need to try and fake out some special effects, Hallmark movies don't need that level of hokey. Usually, though sometimes there might be an angel or mystical aspect of love in the tale.  But not so over-the-top as Syfy.

With that said, these movies are fun stories without any of the gunfire and bloodshed you get in most of the other programming on television.

So if you want to have some nice, fun movies for the holidays, I think the Hallmark Channel has you covered.

Here's their list of movies that will be airing:  hallmark channel: 2016 holiday movies

And here's a link with previews for the films:  hallmark channel 2016 holiday movie previews

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Just in case you have Netflix, here's what's coming to the streaming service in December!

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