POKEMON GO Ditto Rage: Have You Caught It?

POKEMON GO Ditto Rage: Have You Caught It?

Since Thanksgiving, Ditto has been out in the wild in Pokemon GO. But the trick is that it is hiding itself to look like other Pokemon in the wild. So have you caught the bug to chase down EVERY SINGLE Pokemon near you? And if you have, have you caught Ditto yet?

I haven't. But I'm up to 125,000 in stardust and a shit load of eggs! LOL.


It's a bit fun to have this Ditto beast hanging over our heads but to be honest, it can also be a way to force game players to burn through their poke balls and need to buy more. Especially if they're out in the barely supported rural regions.

But how can you find a Ditto?

Well, the Ditto hides out trying to look like something else. In one Facebook page post that has garnered over 3.6K comments, the more common Pokemon forms that Ditto seems to be taking are Rattatas, Pidgeys, Zubats and out of place Magikarps.

One person said they were suspicious of a moment when a Paras and Parasect showed up at the same time and they tackled the Paras.

And generally speaking, I'm not sure CP is a good indicator it's a Ditto. Some folks say they've caught them off of ~300CP Pidgeys or Rattatas, but others have seemingly indicated that they've caught a 90 CP Pidgey and it evolved into a 300CP Ditto.

So for me, I'm keeping my eyes out for the rats, pidgeys, zubats and oddly placed carps! BUT keep in mind, it could be anything and I've seen where some comments do support that. And that there also seem to be regions where Ditto occurs more than other regions. But for the most part, I guess I'll snag rats, bats and birds!

But officially, here's a list of details to know about Ditto:

    The following Pokemon have transformed into Ditto: Pidgey, Zubat, Rattata, Spearow, Metapod, Magikarp, Venonat and Paras

    Ditto automatically transforms into the opposing Pokemon in Gym Battles

    You need to walk 3km to acquire a Ditto candy

On the bright side, I'll be evolving a lot of these guys for points. Right?


But as we burn through our pokeball supplies catching everything in sight, some folks are forced to stop playing or spend money buying more balls, to only end up stop playing again.

To be honest, this is a kind of "pay to win" game, unless you are brutally patient. And as with most posts, there are those who make decent observations about the game and there are those that have to be ass-hats about how they perceive the comments that have been put out there. And there are the chest-beaters, who must let you know how many points they're making while catching all the Dittos they're catching.

And some of the comments are about how the restrictions on Pokestop spinning is hurting their game, particularly for those in deep winter zones and no one can easily go outside. Or extremely handicapped users whose parents drive them around.

Sigh. But as long as the willing and able body kids in temperate zones keep playing and dropping coin, Niantic will probably have no compulsion to change things up.

A video of Ditto evolving:

{ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toINKiUQ7MA }


For now, it's a somewhat entertaining premise. And here's something of interest, and whether it really works or not, well, it's up to you if you want to figure it out.

IF you do catch a Ditto. Hang out and wait. If, for example, it was a Rattata, hang out and wait for however long it takes for another Rattata to show up in the same spot. According to a couple of people, it came up Ditto both times.

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