The CWs INVASION Crossover Event - What A Disappointment

UPDATED after seeing the entire four-episode crossover series:

So far this week we've seen three of the four episodes of the big winter crossover of The CW's DC TV series. But to be honest, it's been a fairly hollow event, if this is what they call an event.

I don't get it when they crossover characters in different TV shows. Back when The Flash visited Supergirl when it was back on CBS, both characters were portrayed as overly giddy, or more chipper than their normal portrayals.

And I'm seeing this same, completely out of place humor in this crossover event. I mean, look, "it's aliens here to kill us all. How cool is that?" Seriously? This ill-placed humor has made this a disappointing TV event on The CW. And this crap humor continued right on into the first third of the final episode of this crossover event.


The first episode on Monday, Supergirl, had nothing to do with the Invasion story line. It was an empty episode, so to speak, until Barry and Cisco showed up in the last minute of the episode.

The Invasion story really started in The Flash, where a lot of development and action took place there.

But then the third episode of the crossover event, on Arrow, took place mostly in a fantasy world that had very little to do with the actual Invasion. About a fourth of the episode moved the actual story forward and the rest of the story used this lala land in their heads as an excuse to bring back some popular characters from Arrow.

And laced throughout the entire series, is a serious amount of misplace and juvenile humor. The human race is in danger of being made extinct that they'r making repeated giddy jokes among themselves. Most notably Felicity and Curtis seemed to have the stupidest jokes at the worse times of all the characters.

And this oddly injected, giddy, good humored characterizations in a crossover event just made me shake my head.   Yet again, DC seems to be choking on some entertainment value issue.

I was expecting something awesome and so far we received a little over under two episode's worth of story.

I'm presuming that The conclusion in Legends of Tomorrow spent over a third of the episode with more humor and finally finished out the story in a rather quick resolution. But not a bad one.   and not more misplaced humor and an empty resolution. Which is what I fear.

In fact I liked how they spelled out the reason for Invasion and that could have taken up so much more quality story time.

Oh well.

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