MORE Zombies in The Walking Dead And Here's Why!

So this season of The Walking Dead has produced one of the most irritating and horrible crime bosses to walk the Earth in the form of Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

You have to hand it to Morgan. I've seen him play good guys, bad guys and assholes, and he's done all of them pretty convincingly. And this newest version of a "bad asshole guy" is one of his best character portrayals yet!

Negan has even depressed the viewers to the point of the ratings for The Walking Dead have been dropping steadily this season. I mean let's face it, it's dejecting to see this prick of a bully show up and be the massive ass that he is.

Ug. And at least true to word, he kills people when he gets pissed off, unlike past characters who prove they're nasty, but then never follow through again.

In this season, Negan and The Saviors are thinning the casting herd!

But enough about Negan... I did mention that there were going to be MORE zombies in the show when it returns from its winter break, didn't I? And to be honest, Negan does have something to do with it.

- - - THERE ARE SPOILERS if you haven't seen the mid-season finale yet...  and to be honest, you should duck out now if you haven't seen it... - - -

- -


So during Daryl's breakout, he encountered that heavyset guy, Fat Joey, near the motorcycles who just put his hands up and said, go!And Daryl went all right. He took a pipe and went bat shit crazy and pulverized Fat Joey to death.

This event showed us two things: That Daryl was not broken and still has a serious amount of spirit, AND that someone on the inside of Negan's group is not totally on Negan's side.

But Daryl's actions, I BELIEVE, will have ramifications on everyone in the show in the upcoming winter season!

You see, Fat Joey, if you've caught the little nuggets of conversation here and there in the last few episodes, has been coordinating and orchestrating what's been known as the zombie redirect.  He was the brains behind how they've been keeping the zombies mostly out of everyone's hair by baiting them with well timed and placed explosives.

Fat Joey has been keeping the herd of zombies away from everyone. EVERYONE, not just The Saviors.

But with Fat Joey out of the picture, does Negan have another smart guy to take over? Or will he care? Of course he just took Eugene from the compound for his part in making that one bullet, so maybe he'll be put to task there. But then again, will he survive Negan? Negan has an affinity for smart and daring people. Eugene is not all that daring.

We'll see.

But any way, that's just my opinion and guess on something that could come up on The Walking Dead.

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