POKEMON GO Joins Sprint & Starbucks And Adds Gen 2 Monsters

POKEMON GO Joins Sprint & Starbucks And Adds Gen 2 Monsters

December was looking to be a big month for Pokemon Go as they try to retain the dwindling number of users and possibly bait back those who have become bored and tired of the games that Niantic is playing with their user base.

First up, the fun and new things that are coming in December.


In December Pokemon Go is starting new business associations with Sprint and Starbucks!


December 7th, Sprint will have 10,500 store locations become PokeStops and Gyms. They'll even have charging stations in some Sprint stores if you are tired of burning through 1% of battery per minute of game time!

December 8th, the company-operated locations of Starbucks will also become PokeStops and Gyms. In conjunction with this new partnership, they'll be offering a PokemonGO themed frappuccino.

December 12th, an announcement from Niantic will be forthcoming about "more Pokemon" coming to the game.  Many suspect, after delving into the game code, that these new Pokemon will be Gen 2 monsters.  We'll see. (Plus I can't wait to see how that drains our pokeball inventory!)

Others are also hoping that there will be a holiday themed special in the game that will be associated with Christmas, much like we had during Thanksgiving. But that's just hope.

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With the newest version of Pokemon Go coming out, (0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS) we'll also be seeing what's called bulk transfers to Professor Willow.  What this means is that instead of tossing the professor one monster at a time, you'll be able to select multiple monsters to transfer to Willow at the same time.

We're also getting

-Icons added to the Gym battle approach and Gym battle screen.

-Total Candy count for your Buddy Pokémon in the buddy information screen.

-Total kilometers a buddy has walked with you will now be in the information screen of that Pokémon

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