CHIPS Trailer: Where a Remake Meets 21 JUMP STREET

What the hell. The first movie trailer for the remake of the TV show, CHiPs came out this week, and to be honest, they skipped the entire tone of the original show, watched all the 21 Jump Street movies, and went for it.  Did you catch how both cops are in trouble and need to make this new assignment work out... much like it was in 21JS?

And from the looks of things, sadly.

There's a ton of homophobic humor in this first clip and at a moment or two, is actually kind of funny.

But because I was expecting a more serious tone to the film, (I did no research prior to this first trailer's release), I was taken aback by the overt, comedic tone of the trailer.

I'm a fan of both actors but at the moment, I do not feel compelled to be chomping at the bit to go see this. Unless someone paid me. I think.

Check out the first movie trailer for the remake of CHiPs

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