TV NEWS 032217: Great News for FORTITUDE Fans; INCORPORATED Dumped, Bob Harper (TBL).

I have a few tidbit on Doubt, Fortitude (which I go on and on about) and Syfy's Incorporated.

Katherine Heigl's Doubt got cancelled after only two episodes. (In case you were wondering where it went.) I'm not sure what they'll be doing if they had other episodes in the can. Then again, who cares?


Fortitude is getting picked up by Amazon!!! And that's fantastic news! Because I can DOWNLOAD Fortitude to watch it, as opposed to Netflix's limited download options.

But what's better than that is that Fortitude was an excellent, gripping science drama about an isolated town facing an environmental change from parasites and pathogens that were being released by a melting fossil. (The town exists in the frozen tundra of somewhere seriously remote.) The show felt like and almost acted like a great sci-fi series, but it was not! (Crap, that might have been a spoiler!)

The first season included Stanley Tucci, and Richard Dormer, Sofie Gråbøl, and Luke Treadaway. New cast coming to the series will include Dennis Quaid, Parminder Nagra, Michelle Fairley, Robert Sheehan, and Ken Stott.

To me this sounds absolutely wonderful and I cannot wait.

IN CASE you were wondering why Amazon is picking up the series, the network that first created and aired the series, Pivot, went under, which worried me, but apparently the show did well enough for Amazon to take heed and pick it up!

Can't wait, can't wait and um, I kind of looking forward to it. It's coming out later this year.

See my TV review of Fortitude:


Was anyone actually watching Incorporated on Syfy? Yea, well, I started watching the first few episodes and even though I had my DVR collecting subsequent eps, I never went back. It just had a weird, lackluster feel of energy for me.

I guess I was not alone as not enough people tuned in and Syfy did not renew it for a second season.


Was that crazy about Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser, having a heart attack while working out. And being LUCKY enough to have a doctor on hand to save his life!? I found it even crazier that he woke up two days after the event. Wow, two whole days. That's some scary shit people. We can do everything we can to take good care of ourselves and things can still happen to us.

But before you go off the healthy band wagon, you might want to think of this: You have to wonder just how much sooner this cardiac event would have happened if he weren't in shape. Or if he would have even survived this event if he wasn't in shape. Just saying, healthier people tend to have better odds at surviving catastrophic health events!

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