HAWAII FIVE-0 Season Eight Premiere Review

I just caught my DVR'd version of the season premiere of Hawaii Five-0. and I had to scribble out this review.

During the episode, they've established Dano and Steve's exit strategy business venture in the form of a restaurant.

We established that Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim's characters were off on the mainland or wherever, so they were quickly dismissed without getting killed off.

We had a computer geek orchestrate the jail break of a crazy arsonist, who the team had to chase into a fire storm.

We saw the introduction of Meaghan Rath into the team.

And then, in the third act of the episode when all looked hopeless and lost, the team trapped in a raging wild fire, McGarrett runs off into the burning forest, flags down a large fire chopper, then, after commandeering the chopper, shows up at the cabin his team is in, drops four fire hoses to them, and instead of grabbing tight and lifting out his friends, he has them tie the hoses around and under the house and he airlifts the entire cabin out of the fire.

And right there, in the first episode of season eight of Hawaii Five-0, CBS has JUMPED THE SHARK.

It was just like Scorpion, where one thing leads to another, to another, to another and to another. I stopped watching that show because of how the episodes panned out.

Now I've enjoyed this show, mostly, except for the secret agent spy mother bit, but still, there it was.

As we add up the clues, with rumors of O'Loughlin leaaving the show at the end of this season, they've set the story up with the restaurant story line. Then there's the worries about if the show will go on if/when O'Loughlin leaves.

And if they're going to start jumping the shark with stupid Scorpion-like cabin-lifting stunts, they're either taking the easy road to filling a season or they just don't care.

I hope they get their crap together and have better episodes than this planned out for viewers or I'll be able to easily drop this one from my DVR schedule and maybe O'Loughlin will move on and show his true acting talent, because despite this one dimensional character, he has some amazing acting chops.

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