STAR WARS The LAST JEDI Trailer Trick Did Not Work For ESPN/ABC

So I'm sure, being the marketing guru's that they are, that Disney had hoped that if they premiered the first movie trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi during the halftime of Monday Night Football, that it would probably give it a boost.

I mean for what other reason would you premiere a trailer from this genre during a sporting event? Then, there was, what I suspect, more trickiness on their part, when

1) Mark Hamill tweeted a few weeks back to keep an eye out for something on October 9th, then deleted the tweet.  Riiight. A deleted tweet is just a hollow action and it was probably another marketing idea/scheme.

2) Rian Johnson released some well-timed statements on October 9th saying that the trailer may contain too many spoilers for some and to avoid the trailer if you don't want spoilers.

But if anyone knows anything about spitting out spoilers with their trailers, it's definitely Disney. They KNOW that most people eat up spoiler-like details about movies and there's only a relatively small subset of humans that would rather avoid trailers so they can watch a movie completely fresh. I've seen it too many times from them, where they let out 'would have been awesome surprises' in a movie, in their early trailers, then pummel the crap out of the public with more and more spoiler-like details in the months leading up to a tent-pole release.

So when Rian made that statement, I chuckled. And having the trailer premiere during MNF, well, I figured they were trying to catch both 'genre' of TV fans, plus, who doesn't love some kind of crossover to suck in new fans, right?


Despite the trailer premiering during MNF on ESPN, it would seem that this particular "episode" of MNF hit an all-time season low in ratings.


It seems that Star Wars fans do not feel the urge to be baited into watching football. To be honest, it was a daring move to try and help out their MNF crowd, but then again, like myself, knowing when the trailer would premiere, that it would follow with its online premiere too. So I had no compulsion to even try tuning in. Why would I?

But it helps to be immensely patient too.

Either way, the trailer is out and it's pretty awesome! Is it not?

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