AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Review (Spoiler Free At First...)

Josh Brolin in Avengers: Infinity War, a movie review

SPOILER FREE Review of Avengers: Infinity War in this first half of this piece.

Well, the Russo brothers did it. They pulled together 10 years of films that have been leading up to this culmination of all the Infinity stones that we've seen hinted at throughout the Marvel Universe films.

And for all you idiots/sites/YT Channels out there that took guesses at the scenes you were seeing in the trailers, you were so far off the mark that you should just quit guessing and leaving the link bait to the National Enquirer!


To put it bluntly, Infinity War may be a 2 hour, 29 minute film, but it does not feel like it. The film is well worth whatever you are willing to pay to see it, no matter what the format, from matinee to over-priced 3D, it's all worth it.

So much takes place at different times and different locations throughout the universe, each group, having their own adventure or challenge that involves Thanos.

There are so many characters in the story that if you just happen to just start watching these Marvel films, it could be overwhelming, considering how much history or backstory that exists out there already, and knowing it fills in a lot of blanks.

If you are caught up with the MCU, this film fills in just enough development for the characters that it isn't just a hollow culmination of action, but a great continuance into what we've all been waiting for.

And make no mistake, this movie starts out hitting hard and it does not stop, as one jaw-dropping scene after another starts up the story in the first act. It hits hard, then lets up a bit, then hits hard again, then lets up, and this continues throughout the three acts. It's entertainingly exhausting.


Characters and some background story lines are fleshed out just enough to not leave you hanging about some things you may have been wondering about.

The usual Marvel humor is there, but it didn't feel too overdone like it did in the last Avengers film. I think they figured out they had to temper it out a little because it was getting almost old.

I don't know how many actors out there might have been considered to play the part of Thanos, but they hired the absolutely perfect actor in Josh Brolin. He was absolutely amazing as the Mad Titan, with his mannerisms, stoic presentation and subtle moods, it was on par with Andy Serkis work.

As always, Steve Rogers knocks it out of the park, even if he and his buds are "wanted criminals" by the U.S. Government.

Tony Stark's armor is outrageously advanced. Almost too much so, but still, wow, it rocks.

Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Wong, and Benedict Cumberbatch in Avengers: Infinity War, A review

The head butting between Dr. Strange and Tony Stark is sublimely perfect... the technologist does not intimidate the master magician one bit. It's perfect.

The final scenes of the film will hit ya hard!

But that's the catch...

This is the part that if you have not seen the film, I truly recommend stepping away now. The film is a pure pleasure to experience without knowing anything about the film.

So from here on, I do need to mention some things that can be... oh kay, ARE Avengers Infinity War spoilers: - - -


AVENGERS INFINITY WAR movie spoilers and Ending Explained



First off, let's look back to when this and the second film were first announced, as Avengers Infinity War, parts 1 and 2. Then about half a year later, Marvel retracted that stance, saying it's not a two-part movie.

Yet they filmed both films at the same time. How's that work?

Well, to be honest, I call bs on them!  Despite what they said and how this film ended, and adding in that after-credits bonus scene... yea, next year's film is the continuation of Infinity War. There's just too much behind the scenes that scream out against what happened and Feige lied to us all! I've seen lesser studios do that but I did not expect Marvel to.

Not to mention if you know the different actors contractual agreements with Disney/Marvel and how many films they have (left) in their contracts, that kind of kills the shock of the ending.

I loved Bruce Banner's, or The Hulk's performance issues. In the beginning of the film, Thanos hands Hulk his ass in hand-to-hand and after that, Hulk does not want to come out. It's funny and frustrating all at once. I never saw that coming, but then again, he is a Titan. Wow...

I loved Peter Parker's role and his new suit.

I've seen the animated feature where the Avengers fight Thanos with the glove and I gotta say, the animated film made it a bit of a tougher challenge. Thanos has all this power in all those gems and he mostly dispatched his assistant bad guys to tackle his obstacles, and then, went hand-to-hand himself with the team. It's not a complaint, the flow worked. But just sayin...

It was confusing and hilarious to see Peter Dinklage play a giant.

OK... so here it is... there are some deaths in this film... but to be honest, as emotional as it was, the logical side of my brain kicked in and said, um, hey, didn't that actor just sign a multi-picture deal that isn't even half done? Or hey, how come that one survived when he's so near the end of his contract? Huh.

Now, if you want to get technical about it, Thanos is merely one very powerful hero for nature... he wants to save the universe from humanoids using it all up much like his own species did on his planet and thus he's doing the universe a favor by killing off half of all humanoid life! Does that really make him a bad guy? Nah... OK, killing half of all life in the universe might qualify him  but Mad Titan definitely fits.

The After Credits Scene of Avengers Infinity War, Explained!!!

So you sat through the entire set of end-credits, which I don't always do these days... and there it was, Nick Fury trying to use a communicator and he ends up dropping it on the ground and on the screen, a weird little logo appears.

Folks, that logo is the logo of Captain Marvel, who will be played by Brie Larson.

And we never saw any hint of Adam Warlock out there in the film, which I kind of was hoping we would, but Captain Marvel will show up and do what always happens in comic books, fix the dead people thing and then no one will end up having died. Right?

Marvel's Captain Marvel

She's not god-like in the comics, where as Adam Warlock might have been able to deal with or fix events in the film, but hey, we'll see what they work out. Right? In the continuation of this story in the next film, whatever it is they may be calling it.

BTW, they're filming Captain Marvel right now... so I expect it to take place just before Infinity War.

We'll see.

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