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Legendary, the studio behind the latest Godzilla, Pacific Rim films and a few other cool projects, is now putting together a live-action Gundam film. Unlike the anime series, the story will be based around a happen-stance event where a man pilots a Gundam to save his town. A military man sees how well he pilots the machine and tries to convince him to john the force. This could be pretty cool, considering how good the movie tech has gotten.


I caught a few episodes of Big Brother... their 20th season. Man, talk about filler. In the competitions we're explained the rules by Julie Chen. Then right after, we hear one of the house guests repeat the rules to us. Then after the break, someone else explains the rules to us yet again!

Not to mention, the attempted digital effects of the game/show seem pretty lame.

The house guest swapping in and out as a robot is f*ing stupid.

But alas, the show is populated by mentally unstable, pretty people, so if you mute it, it's fun to watch.


Well here's one.., If Syfy can do a prequel series called Krypton, then Epix is taking a swing at their own prequel, a Batman prequel called Pennyworth. Bruce Wayne's butler.

"It follows Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who is a former British SAS soldier that forms a security company and works with Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father, in 1960’s London."


Wow, Hulu has crossed the 20 million subscriber numbers!

Amazon renewed The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for a third season.

The Last Ship on TNT is ending when their fifth season ends. Not a bad run for an end-of-the-world series.

On The CW, these shows will be in their last seasons for the 2018-19 season:

Crazy, Ex-Girlfriend,
Jane the Virgin and

USA canceled (did not renew) Falling Water


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