EQUALIZER 2 (2018) Review

EQUALIZER 2 (2018) Review

Director Antoine Fuqua returns to work with star Denzel Washington for the sequel to the first film, Equalizer 2. This time around, Robert McCall has taken to being a Lyft driver, keeping his fingers on the pulse of the town, righting wrongs when he sees them.


To be honest, if you didn't see the first film, you won't miss much, as this film is pretty much the same as the first one but with no continuations of any stories from the first film. It is a good stand-alone. This time around, we get to see parts of his past before Robert McCall (Washington) became a contract kind of killer. And while he's just the usual kind of resident who takes care of his own neighborhood, don't come along and mess with his neighbors. Or Lyft passengers.

The story starts out watching him do good deeds for a few Lyft passengers and then a long-time friend from his spy past gets herself killed and he gets drawn into the action to find the killers.

The action is nice, watching McCall do what he does and it is especially nice to watch a film where our hero isn't set back by dealing with some kind of traumatic injury to overcome while dealing with his enemy. McCall does what he does and does it well, coming out on top in the end.

Though to be honest, the bad guy's motivation is rather atypical, so to some extent, parts of the film or story feels 'mailed in,' but still, Denzel Washington makes the film fun when all is said and done.

The first film received a 7.2 on IMDb while this one has a 6.7/10 on IMDb. The critics from Rotten Tomatoes ended up netting it a 51%. So they weren't impressed. But seeing it on Starz, it was a perfectly fun TV movie experience.

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