GAME OF THRONES Excuses For Dark Scenes And One More

The director of the latest Game Of Thrones episode, titled "The Long Night," which included the massively epic Battle of Winterfell, seems to have had a lighting problem where a large contingent of fans, namely EVERYONE, has been mentioning, they couldn't see CRAP through a lot of the episode because the scenes were too dark.  (Hello, AMC, Walking Dead showrunners, TAKE NOTE!).

So the cinematographers and director have released their EXCUSES for the way too dark scenes...

The Cinematographer excuses roll like this:
    If you watch season one again, there’s a lot of unmotivated back light. Even day exteriors, you can tell that they’ve been lit. The cinematographers who’ve been doing it since then, I think we’re all very much on the same page where we’re trying to be as naturalistic as possible. [We wanted] to make these sets and locations feel as if they’re absolutely not lit by us, but only by Mother Nature or some candles, so that it feels more naturalistic, albeit enhanced in some cases.
Well, you definitely achieved that "not lit by us" feel, that's for sure!


While director Fabian Wagner took two approaches to his reasoning:
    We tried to give the viewers and fans a cool episode to watch. I know it wasn’t too dark because I shot it. Game Of Thrones has always been very dark and a very cinematic show.

So he pretty much called everyone else out as spouting BS because he knows "it wasn't too dark because I shot it."  Well that's a bit of a dick statement to make, but hey, he's not pulling punches, that's for sure.

Wagner later went on to say that he wanted to make the show as authentic as possible. In the world of GOT, they would have been fighting by candle light and fire. And that they also wanted it to feel claustrophobic and disorientating.

He recommended (AFTER THE FACT) that fans should watch it in a dark room for the best possible experience.

Here's a great screen shot from Ozzy Man Reviews


Which got me to thinking about One More Thing...

As you can see, after the surprise death (beheading) in season one of GOT, had you noticed the showrunners turned spineless and stopped killing off primary characters. Period.  Last season Jamie Lanister was dead to all rights, by dragon, but managed to be saved. That was a pretty big let down, but hey, they set the standard and couldn't stick to their own. Phfft!

Even now, with the show winding down... they seem to be holding off on any crazy, primary character deaths.

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