I thought I would check out ABC's Stumptown, staring Cobie Smulders, Michael Ealy, Jake Johnson, Cole Sibus and Camryn Manheim.

It's a great cast... 

The first episode sort of broke all my rules about a show...  it shoved a ton of information about the primary character in the first half-hour of the premiere, which usually is my warning bell that a show might suck.

The primary character has nothing but flaws all over the place. She has no regard for the law, for maintaining her bills or paying her parking tickets, and even though she has a military history, she continually gets her ass kicked by everyone she has any confrontation with.

It gets old when she can't even kick anyone's ass, except for the occasional lucky shot.

In the second episode, they explore in-depth her relationship with her platonic buddy and how they got together, while she also went on about the tragic event of her past that impacts her life.

And pretty much many of her efforts tend to cluster eff but she manages.

Actually, even her friends have problems. It's almost too much reality.

As the episodes progress, her station in life slowly starts to improve ever so slightly. Or so it seems, half-way through episode three.

Oh, and her car seems to channel the Transformer, Bumblebee, because she has a faulty tape deck that goes off on its own, with just the right song, at just the right time. That tape that's stuck in the player has an amazing collective of songs on it!

After four episodes, I'm not totally head over heels about the show... but I kept watching it to see if it got better. The idiosyncrasies minimized a bit and the story started to dig in a bit deeper.

Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 94%, IMDb, a 7.5/10... so maybe it's just not clicking with me... but crap, I keep watching it.

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