'The Amazing Race' Season Premiere A Recap of Sorts

Santa Barbara, CA, is where The Amazing Race season premiere starts as Phil leads a pack of bicyclists down the road, and those bikers are the teams for the Amazing Race.

A quick, generic run down of the competitors: Married clowns; Lifelong Friends from Ky.; Sisters from San Diego (Eye Candy); Brendon and Rachel from Big Brother (Reality TV junkie stars); Best Friends from Long Island (muscle boys); Federal Agents from L.A.; CA; Married from Madison, WI; Twin Brothers from Scotsdale, AZ; First Cousins from MS (More eye candy); Dating couple (Divorcee's) from San Antonia TX (eye candy); Border Patrol agents fr CA.

It's an interesting collection of racers.  I'm expecting an excessive amount of whining from Brendon and Rachel... mostly Rachel... but keep your eye on her.  Once she breaks through her whining phase, she has the ability to turn on the game-face.

There first set of race-starting clues were attached to tethered to floating balloons. There were 100 balloons, but only 11 had race clues.  The dating divorcee's got the clue first and bolted, looking to fly to Santa Barbara, Argentina.  The search for clues almost wore out the KY lifelong friends.  While it took almost two hours for the San Diego eye candy sisters to find their clue.

The clowns were the first to start to panic in Argentina while they found themselves in last place.

The first Amazing Race road block involved jumping out of an airplane.  But the trick question was who had a better sense of direction, and when they picked, they found out the other person was jumping out of an airplane and they had to find them.  It wasn't really that big of a search challenge, but more of time killer.  It was cool to see the parachuting.  I was pretty fixated on the camera men jumping with the teams.

Stacy had a huge issue getting out of the plane.  Like everyone else, once she got out the door, she loved it.


The next challenge consisted of making Empanadas.  120 of them.  The mother cook (That's what I'm calling her) was saying 'no' a lot. And this was a bit a challenge for everyone.


Getting through the challenges, Rachel and Dave landed first at The Amazing Race pit stop.  They get an 'Express Pass' also, a new tool in the show/race.  Then Brendon and Rachel were 2nd, and such.

Joey Fitness and Danny beat out the eye candy, Misa And Maiya, thus being eliminated from the show.  These girls had a tough time, despite their intro bit saying they weren't just eye candy... but they had beat out Joey and Danny and could not see Phil on the mat, waiting for them, and went off into the vineyards while Joey and Danny came from way behind and walked right up and took the 10th spot in  The Amazing Race!