Welcome to Cinema Static, the place for quick news bites and an occasional opinion piece. I believe that time is money and that your time is valuable, as I recognize that we don't always have the time to read through an entire 3-400 word piece about underwater basket weaving. (The going web acceptable piece is no less than 300 words because Google values lengthy content.) But you do want to know what's up.

Here on CS, I will deliver succinct and to the point news pieces about many headline or press release items, saving you time in getting to learn the newest bit. If it's one thing I hate, are teaser headlines that make you read and read and read. Also, on occasion, I spout something that inspires me to say more than the quickie one or two-liner.

That's how I roll. My name is Bruce Simmons and I run this place. I think.

I tend to write about things from the realm of television and movies that I like to watch. That usually ends up being the sci-fi and fantasy genre with movies about Marvel characters, Godzilla, Predator, and Riddick while still enjoying shows like Due South, Firefly, Game of Thrones and more. But I've been known to branch out at times. Especially if someone asks me about something they can't figure out or don't have the time to find on the web.


Over the years I've spent time as a stage-hand, stage manager, sound engineer, prop master and stunt dog trainer. Plus I also spent a few years doing stand-up comedy. So I have a small perspective on the industry.
I try to make the site helpful. If you have questions about something, leave me a comment or email me and I'll research the crap out of it in an attempt to answer your questions. I've noticed that usually your questions tend to peak my curiosities so I have fun digging around for you.

There are a number of ways you can contact me, via either emailing me or messaging myself on Twitter or on the site's Facebook page:

Email:       cinema.static AT gmail.com
Twitter:     https://twitter.com/bruce_simmons
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CinemaStatic

And that is all this humble site, Cinema Static, is about! Thanks for checking out my 'about' page.