Netflix IRON FIST Season 2 Review

The second season of Iron Fist has landed on Netflix and to be honest, they changed up how they tell the story to the point that this second season is much better than the first. Instead of this lost boy dropped in a city he wasn't familiar with, with a massive amount of insecurities, this season we saw a wiser boy or man, in Danny Rand.

This season the characters were more fleshed out in their depth of motivation, plus the TV wing of Marvel used The Defenders and Luke Cage to help change the character of Danny Rand into the supposed well-centered warrior monk that he was supposed to be in the first season.

Showing Danny's relationship develop with Colleen, including the challenges they face as a couple and individually. Also watching Danny's relationship with his brother, Ward was wearisome and rewarding, depending on how patient you are with complicated relationships.

The battle between good and evil boils down to Danny facing off against local gangs, which expands out …

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