"American Idol" Return Is A Lazy Redo, With Nary A Change!

(Same Old American Idol logo for ABC?)
American Idol was cancelled by Fox for a reason but with Ryan Seacrest now at ABC, it seems that the franchise followed Seacrest to this new network home. And after all the hoopla about its return, well, I was expecting something more than what it use to be. But after watching the first episode, I have to wonder... WHY???


The first episode of ABC's American Idol was almost more of the same with a tiny bit of change. The same was that we saw three or four auditions held in different cities, in literally the same auditioning room as it's always been held in, with nearly the same logo.

The change was that they rushed through auditions from multiple cities in the same episode.

The same was that of the few auditions we watched, a few were wonderful and one was not so much. And they had one loser girl piss and moan on how the judges didn't know what they're doing.  Just like the show used to have. It felt so staged it wasn't even…

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