CHAPPIE Film Review

-Chappie (2015) is a film written and directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) & his wife, Terri Tatchell. It stars Blomkamp's go to actor, Sharlto Copley (whose accent is really hard for me to follow some days) along with Dev Patel, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, and RoboCops voice! (I'll explain later.). It also stars Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser, members of a South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for "The Answer"), who are fans of Blomkamp's work.

"In the near future, crime is patrolled by a mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. "
The story takes place in Blomkamp's favorite location, Johannesburg, in the near future where the police have reduced the high crime rates by using police robots made by the Tetravaal Company, designed by the engineer Deon Wilson (Patel).

One of Tetravaal's empl…

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