Spider-Man, Disney and Sony At Odds

Well, here we go. Marvel is owned by Disney, so when I say Disney, I mean Disney. And now that they've totally made the character relatable, fun, and extremely profitable, well, fans are about to get screwed again!

It looks like Sony and Disney are at odds about who can make more money of Spider-Man and hence, for now, it looks like Spider-Man is out of the MCU. Which is not good for Sony. Sony has not made a great Spidey film in, well, ever. While when Marvel had the reigns, the character brought in tons of money for everyone involved. I'm not saying the films failed under Sony, but they did so so much better when Spidey could take place in the realm where he belongs.

For now, Spidey is out of the MCU and if that stays permanent, I think the character is doomed cinematically. Of course with him out of the MCU, if the next film goes into production under Sony solo, there will be no Stark spidey-suit, no Happy Hogan in Aunt May's life, no working with or appearances by any…

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