JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Review, It Does Not Suck

Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher in Justice League
This is a longer than normal movie review of Justice League, the DC ensemble team film from Warner Bros that finally made it to the big screen.  WARNING: With Light Spoilers Growing Into Heavier Spoilers As I Go.

Spoiler Free Review section

The Justice League movie did not suck and DC fanboys should love it, despite the review embargo WB issued. It's preview night netted the film $13M, which is way below BvS's $27M and just below Ragnarok's $14M. I suspect this preview number may have been impacted by WB's attempt to restrict critics and Rotten Tomatoes from releasing their usual reporting products.

Justice League was true DC, but there were moments that felt distracting for one reason or another, including how Snyder sexed up several visuals of Diana Prince and the Amazonian women. I'd give it a popcorn 7. Go see it!

There are initially some light spoilers below, but later, I dig deeper with more spoilers.


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