Monday, May 23, 2016

The CW 2016-17 Fall TV Season Lineup

The CW 2016-17 TV season, as it stands now:

- - -

Jane the Virgin

The Flash
No Tomorrow (new series)

Frequency (new series)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Supernatural (new night)

The Vampire Diaries
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Riverdale, The 100, iZombie, The Originals and Reign will have mid-season premieres, and thus, shortened seasons.

- - -
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CBS 2016-17 Fall TV Season Lineup

Check out the fall 2016-17 season schedule for CBS:

The Big Bang Theory/Kevin Can Wait (starting in Oct.)
Kevin Can Wait/Man with a Plan (starting in Oct.)
Two Broke Girls
The Odd Couple

NCIS: New Orleans

Michael Weatherly returns with Bull, a new show based on the early career of Dr. Phil.

Criminal Minds
Code Black

Thursday Night Football(Starting Sept. 15)/The Big Bang Theory (Starting Oct. 27)
Thursday Night Football/The Great Indoors (Starting Oct. 27)
Thursday Night Football/Mom (Starting Oct. 27)
Thursday Night Football/Life in Pieces (Starting Oct. 27)
Thursday Night Football/Pure Genius (Starting Oct. 27)

Hawaii Five-0
Blue Bloods

Crimetime Saturday
48 Hours

60 Minutes
NCIS: Los Angeles
Madam Secretary

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Fox 2016-17 Fall TV Season

via TV Guide,

FALL 2016

- - -


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
New Girl
Scream Queens

Lethal Weapon (new)

Pitch (new)

Hell's Kitchen
The Exorcist (new)

Fox Sports Saturday: Fox College Football

NFL On Fox
The OT/Bob's Burgers
The Simpsons
Son of Zorn (new)
Family Guy
The Last Man on Earth



24: Legacy (new) / Gotham (spring)
APB (new) / Lucifer (spring)

New Girl / Brooklyn Nine-Nine (spring)
The Mick (new)
Kicking & Screaming / Prison Break (spring)

Lethal Weapon / Shots Fired (spring) (new)
Star (new) / Empire (spring)

Bones (The final season)

Masterchef Junior
Sleepy Hollow

Fox Sports Saturday
The baseball game of the week.

Bob's Burgers
The Simpsons
Making History (new)
Family Guy
The Last Man on Earth

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NBC's Fall 2016-17 TV Lineup

via press

the NBC schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS.

- - -

The Voice
TIMELESS (TAKEN replaces this at the mid-season point)

The Voice
Chicago Fire

Law & Order: SVU
Chicago P.D.

Chicago Med 
The Blacklist

Caught on Camera With Nick Canon

Dateline Mysteries
Saturday Night Live (encores)

Football Night in America
NBC Sunday Night Football

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ABC's 2016-17 Fall TV Lineup

via press release

ABC’s 2016-2017 Primetime Schedule has been announced! New series American Housewife, Conviction, Designated Survivor, Downward Dog, Imaginary Mary, Notorious, Speechless, Still Star-Crossed and Time After Time join the lineup of returning favorites like Modern Family, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, black-ish and much more! ABC’s fall primetime schedule is listed below with additional shows debuting at a later date in the 2016-2017 TV Season. All times listed are Eastern/Pacific. New shows are in bold.

DAY                           TIME              SERIES

MONDAY:                8:00 p.m.          Dancing with the Stars

                                10:00 p.m.        Conviction

TUESDAY:                8:00 p.m.         The Middle (new day/time)

                                  8:30 p.m.         American Housewife

                                  9:00 p.m.         Fresh Off the Boat (new time)

                                  9:30 p.m.         The Real O’Neals (new time)

                                  10:00 p.m.       Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (new time)

WEDNESDAY:         8:00 p.m.          The Goldbergs (new time) 

                                 8:30 p.m.         Speechless

                                 9:00 p.m.         Modern Family

                                 9:30 p.m.         black-ish

                                 10:00 p.m.       Designated Survivor

THURSDAY:             8:00 p.m.         Grey’s Anatomy

                                 9:00 p.m.         Notorious

                                 10:00 p.m.       How to Get Away with Murder 

FRIDAY:                    8:00 p.m.        Last Man Standing

                                  8:30 p.m.        Dr. Ken

                                  9:00 p.m.        Shark Tank

                                  10:00 p.m.       20/20

SATURDAY:              8:00 p.m.         Saturday Night Football

SUNDAY:                  7:00 p.m.         America’s Funniest Home Videos

                                  8:00 p.m.         Once Upon a Time

                                  9:00 p.m.         Secrets and Lies

                                  10:00 p.m.       Quantico

Fan favorites The Catch, Dr. Ken, Last Man Standing and The Real O’Neals will also return to the schedule, joining previously announced America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Bachelor, black-ish, Dancing with the Stars, Fresh Off the Boat, The Goldbergs, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Middle, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, Quantico,  Scandal, Secrets and Lies, Shark Tank and 20/20.

Ten-time Emmy-nominated limited series American Crime, created and executive produced by Oscar®-winner John Ridley (12 Years a Slave), returns. Additionally, When We Rise, created by Oscar®-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk, Big Love, J. Edgar), will air as a limited series event during the year. Dirty Dancing, a three-hour filmed musical event; Ali: The Champion,” a special honoring boxing legend Muhammad Ali; and an all-new special from David Blaine following his critically acclaimed ratings smash David Blaine: Real or Magic were also announced. 

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Friday, May 20, 2016

TERMINATOR GENISYS: Confusing As Much As It Is Entertaining


When the Terminator movie rights went up for sale and pulled back into the world of movie making, you had to assume that with the big bucks spent on the rights, they would drop quality dough on the story.

But on the bright side, no matter what comes of this new rendition of Terminator, the rights will likely revert back to James Cameron in 2019, but whether he makes another film or leases out the rights is another filmmaker remains to be seen.

With that said...

When Terminator Genisys begins we get treated to some new background story from the future that leads up to events where we watch Reese get himself teleported back to 1984 to save Sarah Connor.

But this new tale, this reboot of the franchise, has a few ideas or twists up its sleeve, because if you've seen the synopsis of the film, it reads as follows:


When John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the human resistance against Skynet, sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect his mother, Sarah (Emilia Clarke), from a Terminator assassin, an unexpected turn of events creates an altered timeline. Instead of a scared waitress, Sarah is a skilled fighter and has a Terminator guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) by her side. Faced with unlikely allies and dangerous new enemies, Reese sets out on an unexpected new mission: reset the future.


With this in mind, we're treated to a few familiar scenes and familiar situations, but all compacted into this one reboot film.


With Supergirl moving to The CW there could be a cast issue. (Did you catch that bullsh* where CBS said they would have renewed the show if The CW had not pick it up? Gimme a break. Do they really think fans are that stupid?)

The CW is taking the production north into Canada, to where they are appreciated and it costs less to make, but in so doing, it's a very tangible possibility that the show will be losing Calista Flockhart.

Which for me, is nearly part of the spine of the show!!!

They say they're trying to work things out with Flockhart, but the word is that she probably won't move north to be in the production. She definitely does not need the cash considering she's a big enough star that she can pick and choose not to mention her being married to Harrison Ford.

We'll see how things pan out, but it sure would be lacking to see how Cat Grant continues to evolve and develop.

But wait, there's more...

Now that we heard that there may be less of, or no Calista Flockhart in Supergirl, now The CW is teasing that we might start seeing BIG crossovers with their fantasy shows.

The CW is now pushing the marketing hype that we might start seeing crossovers between Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

So if we're getting a crossover of some kind, I wonder how they will handle how the last crossover was done, considering that CBS put Supergirl in a totally different Earth where no Flash, Arrow or whoever existed?

I guess we'll see.

- - -

Agents of SHIELD Gets No Movie Love

Despite Marvel pitching that there's no issues between the television and movie production studios, which are two totally different entities, it sure would be nice if the Marvel movie world would pretend and send some more love towards their TV sibling, which does a lot of movie world support.

I mean come on, let's get us some Natasha, Clint, Scott Lang or Sam Wilson for crying out loud.

Nothing is impossible, but if Disney says the timing of the productions make it impossible, well, there's your writing on the wall.

- - -

Uh ho, Showtime cancelled House of Lies, which means that the season that is airing right now, the one with the series finale scheduled for June 13th, is its last.

- - -

Did you know that Josh Duhamel is returning to the movie world of the Transformers

Yep, Duhamel is reprising his role of Lt Col. Lennox in Transformers 5, or now, what is known as Transformers: The Last Knight. DON'T WORRY!  Mark Wahlberg is also returning, but the new female lead will be 14-year-old Isabela Moner.

Production starts in early June with the guy who would not be doing any more directing in the franchise, again, Michael Bay.

[CinemaStatic: Transformers 5 will be Bays last, again]

Now remember, Paramount has built an amazing writing team around their Transformers property, which you can read about here,

[CinemaStatic: Transformers 5 Amazing Production Staff]

And this film is no exception, considering it's being written by Iron Man writers Art Marcum & Matt Holloway and Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down).

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to come out in theaters in June of 2017, then followed up in 2018 by a Bumblebee spinoff, and in 2019, TF6.

Before the haters spin their hate, keep in mind that this franchise so far has pulled in almost $4 billion at the box office.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dwayne Johnson's New Movie, NETFLIX, NASHVILLE, MARVEL Static News

If you like Dwayne Johnson, you're going to love this news.  Johnson is set to star in an upcoming action thriller film, The Janson Directive. And now Universal Pictures is jumping on the universe bandwagon a bit by saying that this first film will be part of a planned cinematic universe based on the novels of the late Robert Ludlum, the man who brought us the Jason Bourne stories/movies.

Or it could be code for incoming sequels.


 Hey, Netflix launched its own internet connection speed test last week. Sure, it's one more in a long line of many, but it's Netflix!  The site is called and it is designed to test mobile or broadband internet connection speeds.


Now that Nashville is cancelled, it seems fans of the show are getting together and trying to start a campaign to bring it back. Even though I've seen these campaigns work at times, it's usually for a very finite and limited amount of time because the bottom line is ratings and if not enough people tune in, well, that's how a show gets cancelled to begin with!


There are some rumors running about that Marvel is considering bringing a few new characters/shows to Netflix. The rumors include Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Blade.

To be honest, it would be cool, but most of their shows they do, they try to base in a world as close to reality as they can get. Well, except for the Thor and Doctor Strange film properties.  These three characters will definitely skip over that line in the sand that splits the grounded world of reality from the fanciful.

Well, except for Blade... since zombies and vampires are real!

We'll see.

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AGENTS OF SHIELD Season Finale, The Muffled Shock And Brilliant Performances

The season finale of Agents of SHIELD on ABC finally got here, and we were finally delivered that promise of a main character's death, all the while, following who ever the hell was holding the crucifix pendant all season.

To be be honest, setting it up so that the crucifix pendant was a harbinger of death could almost be construed as someone at ABC taking a shot at religion, but we won't go there. Will we? But all season long, that damn pendant kept changing hands and it even changed more hands during those final two hours of the season.

But as far as an episode goes, Hive is looking more and more like The Matrix and sadly, I like the look. Bastard. But Hive is giving SHIELD a run for their money until they come up with a plan to scramble his plans. Literally.

But now Hive has the Primitives also running around doing is dirty work and it's not a perfect world for SHIELD.

First Hive gets the upper hand, then SHIELD, then Hive, then... well, it is like a ping pong game going back and forth.

All the while that damn pendant keeps changing hands! Argh! Like it's a hot potato.

And I also have in the back of my mind about how the bloody hell will a Quinject get up into space?

When all was said and done, Chloe Bennett truly put in a great performance as Daisy, and the rest of the team did not let her down.

But that final scene in the Quinjet was something...  all concerns put aside, as the end is inevitable and one just has to accept it.






For me, the surprise came from John Hannah's character, Holden Radcliffe. He popped up in a surprising way and there were moments he was actually funny, despite who he was working for. Or forced to.

That scene in the Quinjet, when all was lost, but they decided to quit fighting and absorb the moment, was so sublime. It was like, what's the point?

Coulson was ready to do whatever to end this travesty that he started.

FitzSimmons had a hell of a year, ranging from distant struggles to finally ending up being a couple. (You know that can't end well somewhere.)

I think Mack and Yo-Yo are perfect for each other.

And Daisy? I don't know where she's headed, but it could be either way. At least it was cool to see a new power, or capability, out of her at the end. But she's paying her own price, since she could not sacrifice herself in the end.

Will the Secret Warriors go away, now that Daisy is on the run from SHIELD? (You'll see).

And Dr. Radcliffe rebooted the old LMD technology into something else. Uh ho. Could this be our new problem next season?

We'll see!

I enjoyed the reference to events in Captain America: Civil War, and would love to see the favor returned. Yea, yea, Marvel Studios says there's no ill will, and gives out the excuse about timing and coordination. NOTHING is impossible it it's obvious there's some kind of distance between TV and movies.

Regardless, it's good to see Agents of SHIELD back on track and being more entertaining than that first half of their first season.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016



Yes, CBS dumped CSI for lack of ratings. ALL the CSI shows. But now CBS is saying “We are incredibly proud of all CSI shows and It may come back in another incarnation.”

Hmm, how proud? Ya dumped it gang! But I'm wondering if they're going to set it loose in their new streaming product, much like the new Star Trek series that I'll never watch?

We'll see.


Syfy has ordered the Superman prequel series, Krypton. Not sure why, but they did. It takes place a few generations before the planet blows up, so specifically, it will be a dramatic production about another planet's people. Like maybe General Krypton Hospital.

At least that's my guess.


Orange is the New Black
Our favorite drama about women in prison is returning on Netflix for a fourth season, with will "air" on Friday, June 17th, 2016.

"Pain is always there. Suffering is a choice."


Here's a rich one...  CBS, after letting Supergirl go and giving it to their offshoot network, The CW, now says that they would have given more consideration to renewing Supergirl if The CW had not swooped in to pick it up, out from under them.

"Who’s to say if we hadn’t made that deal that we wouldn’t have picked it up."

Crickets... I'm thinking if you were going to, you would have, but that's just me.

Seriously? This is like an alternate ending to a movie where months later we hear about something that had nothing to do with the released movie/story, just to quell some demographic of fans.

Have you ever seen a show pulled out from under a network by a lesser network? Not I, says this writer. But what I am seeing is new marketing spin to help keep the fans interested in the series transition to its new home.


The Strain
The latest vampire drama series is set to return to FX on Sunday, August 28th. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to partake in the third season. Having read the books and experiencing how slow the series is, versus the books, it's a bit painful to watch.


FOX has ordered some new shows for the 2016-17 television season. And tell me you haven't heard of these reboots before? Or at least some of them.

The new dramatic shows include

The Exorcist,
Lethal Weapon,

And new laugh track-filled shows include
Making History and
The Mick.

I don't see The Exorcist panning out. It's a moment that a movie covers wonderfully, but to draw out a demonic possession could get old fast. It smells like Fox's swing at The CW's Supernatural.

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