'The Bachelor' Home Town Dates; A Recap & Mock Wedding

The weepy music starts and it's The Bachelor's home town dates episode.  Of course Ben says that he is feeling good about the women, but he's been saying that every episode.

And tonight's home town dates are with Lindzi, Kacie B., Nicki and Courtney.

Ocala, FL, Lindzi

The first hometown is with Lindzi at her parents ranch.  I personally, like Lindzi, but this, Ben, would be only the 2nd person she's ever brought home to her parents.

They meet the parents and Lindzi has to recant EVERYTHING they've done so far.  Later Ben is chatting with Lindzi's mother and she made an interesting note about how Lindzi had not dated that much.  (Which confused me a bit, for a woman her age.) 

In the end, Ben liked her parents.


Clarksville, TN, Kacie B

Kacie can definitely see Ben as her husband.   And she has a high school marching band waiting for him, while Kacie demonstrates her one true talent (?), baton twirling.

Her dad is a probation officer and does not drink.  Ben worries about that difference.

The initial meet goes well, but Kacie wanted to talk to her sister about Ben.

Ben and dad chat, and dad is skeptical but Ben soothes his worries.  (What was up with the slow, shaky cam during their talk?)

Mom is concerned about Kacie moving and has a "serious problem" with the idea of them moving in together, if he picks Kacie.

Her parents are very... protective, as Ben put it.  And dad would ixnay it if Ben asked him for her hand today.


Fort Worth, TX, Nicki.

The last time Nicki brought a man home, she married him.  She takes him to the Stockyards, and goes shopping for cowboy wear.  She's worried about the parents.  Mom likes Ben a lot.  Dad is reserved.

There wasn't a ton of an impression on me with this home town date.


Scotsdale, AZ... Courtney

Courtney isn't proud of how she acted around and to the girls.  She plays up about having been hurt or let down in the past.  Courtney hasn't brought a guy home in a long time.

Her mom isn't sold on Courtney saying she's in love with Ben.

Courtney's dad asks Ben if he's willing to make the gamble of getting married.

All in all, it was a normal set of Courtney scenes.  Her parents like Ben and it was refreshing to not have an episode of The Bachelor peppered with snarky Courtney comments all night.  She almost seemed nice tonight, without all the evil video snippets.

Well, at least up to a point.

Then there was the picnic.  But she goes on about guys having betrayed her trust in the past.

It turns out that she had a surprise in store for Ben, to show him how she feels about him!  She then pulls out some blank pads to write vows on, a bow tie, and rings from her purse.

She then has a preacher waiting for them.  (This is bordering on LAME.) 


Los Angeles, Final Rose Ceremony

He ends up sending Kacie home...  and to some is a total surprise.  (Despite saying how bad she felt earlier, anyone notice Courtney smirking in the background?)

Kacie's exit interview in the limo was one of the more heart wrenching I think I've ever seen on the show in recent seasons.

But now he takes the three to Switzerland, where they get to "participate" in their "date" cards and share the "fantasy suite."

= = =

The following is something I leave up to you, the reader and if you want to, and you are really hating Courtney, I've put something up over on my spoiler website...  head on over to my place... no, literally, it's called Bruce's Place for The Bachelor Spoilers.