Chris Heyerdahl on 'Hell on Wheels,' 'True Blood' role and 'Sanctuary' (Has Syfy Canceled it?)

Cinema Static reader and cohort, Tim, sent me a link to an interview with Christopher Heyerdahl from YouTube.  He touches on his roles in Hell on Wheels, True Blood and what's up with Syfy's Sanctuary.

Still from Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels

Christpher talked about how the historical figures during the time of Hell on Wheels did show up in classy clothes, unprepared for what they were getting into.

He said when he read for a role in Hell on Wheels, that he read for 'The Swede.'  (Sometimes, actors read for a role, but end up in a different one.) 

On if Christopher touched base with any Norweigans to research his role, he said the role was written so well, he didn't need to.

Hell on Wheels has been renewed for a second season.

True Blood

On being cast in True Blood, his role is that of a member of the Authority.  (CS:  He landed the role called Dieter Braun, one of the five council members of the Vampire Authority.)


Is Sanctuary being canceled???

On Sanctuary, Christopher does not know what's up hasn't heard anything about the show coming back yet or not.  But I have put a few pieces of info together that leads me to believe that the silence from Syfy about the show is hinting at its demise:

(CS:  I'd like to suggest that Sanctuary has been canceled.  There's no official word yet, but some evidence suggests the show is done.

The last season finale, titled “Sanctuary for None” is the opposite of the series first episode title, “Sanctuary for All.”  Heyerdahl's character was killed off in the show.  And now he's working on Hell on Wheels, and landed a role in True Blood.

Sanctuary showrunner Damian Kindler is working on developing a new Universal Soldier project.

Another showrunner, Martin Wood, is executive producing a Space Channel spin off of BBC’s Primeval, called Primeval – New World.

Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne have been filming Space Milkshake, and Tapping is working on another project, not of her creation.

Robin Dunne has other projects in the works:  Perdition City – Writer; An untitled Robin Hood Project – as Robin Hood; and Whatever Forever – Writer (earlier screenplay).

Ryan Robbins has other work going on...  Cold Blooded;  an untitled thriller that's in post production; and The Philadelphia Experiment, a TV movie that is presently filming.

Sanctuary was the lowest rated series on Syfy.

Traditionally, we've usually heard by January about if the show is coming back or not.

Your honor, I rest my case!)


With all of that said, below is the video interview that some of this information came from.  Other info came from IMDb and my other website.

It's cool to see Christopher Heyerdahl being himself.  Not sure I've seen that before this.