A 'John Carter' Fan-Made Trailer That Makes it LOOK Good!

Of all the marketing that I've seen of the Taylor Kitsch starring movie, John Carter, nothing has really caught my eye.  It's like Disney is putting in the paces and moving on.  It isn't like they're expecting a blockbuster.  In fact, they're expecting a flat box office performance for some reason.

But today, I saw a fan-made trailer that actually rocked and made the movie look like it actually might be exciting to go see.  In fact, because of this fan-made trailer, I may very well head out to my local theater and check the movie out.  (No thanks to any Disney marketing!)

John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch (Who I wish would land a good, serious role like he had on Friday Night Lights), Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong and the beautiful Lynn Collins in this Edgar Rice Burroughs story about man finding himself transplanted on Mars, fighting the good fight.  Remember, this is John Carter of Mars story we're talking about!

It's co-written and directed by Andrew Stanton, whose film resume includes the Toy Story franchise, Up, Wall-E and other fun, family movie fare.  Admittedly, I don't see epic sci-fi life-saving, alien ass-kicking movies in his resume, but hey, everyone needs a first time for everything, right?

Check out the fan-made movie trailer mash up for Disney's John Carter, which is due out March 9th, 2012:


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