Syfy's 'Lost Girl' Season 2 Is a Go

If I ever actually check my email, I might have noticed that a few days back I received a press release of sorts showing that season 2 of Lost Girl on Syfy will be premiering on the network starting April 16th.

Lost Girl stars the ever seductive Anna Silk as the Succubus Bo, and co-stars Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson; Ksenia Solo as Kenzi; Zoie Palmer as Lauren; Rick Howland as Trick, and K.C. Collins as Hale. 

It's a fascinating series, I have to give it that.  When the series premiere aired, it broke all the rules I have for a show with potential.  There was very little intro material and we were thrust right into the middle of things with super-quick explanations on each character, all within the first 15 minutes.

But the show was a hit with the male viewing audience, and why wouldn't it be.  Anna Silk can turn on the "bedroom eyes" and has an unmistakable talent to look rather alluring when she needs to.

It also helps when she's in bed a lot, with any gender, because sex helps her heal from her injuries.  (Yes, I'm betting male viewers are constantly rooting for the bad guys to beat Bo up.. a lot!)

Once I got past the premiere episode, the pace of the show was pretty constant and with all the characters already in place, wasn't too bad.

The other aspect of this Syfy series was the language!

During the first episode, the first "word" uttered went right past me and I thought I heard that sh** wrong!  I didn't.  Syfy is taking a bold and daring approach with airing this series, and we have ourselves some 10 p.m. television, the likes of which, sound just like shows you might catch on AMC, like The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad

I found it refreshing to be assaulted with mild foul language from a Syfy series.  It felt... adult!   

Check out this (bleeped) clip,  involving Bo's human buddy, Kenzi: