Top-10 Movies This Weekend, 'Act of Valor' Razes the Competition

Over this last weekend, it would seem that the military themed movie called Act of Valor topped the list of top-10 movies, pulling in an estimated near $25M for the weekend.

It would seem that despite what critics say about the story, movie-goers wanted to go see what amounted to a tribute documentary to the military, and that's all good.

Another new movie this weekend, titled Good Deeds, starring Tyler Perry, had caught your imagination also, pulling in an estimated $16M for the weekend.

It seems that Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston don't have quite the pull some Navy SEALs have, thus, Wanderlust only pulled in around $6.6M bucks and Amanda Seyfried might look extremely hot, but not hot enough, with her thriller, Gone, only  pulling in $5M.

You'll be seeing the same marketing again this week, as the TV ads have been saying, the number 1 family film in America right now is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, starring Dwayne JohnsonJourney 2 pulled in almost $14M this weekend, giving it nearly $77M gross.

(Hey, if you had not heard, Dwayne Johnson might be playing Hercules in an upcoming movie down the road...  I'll keep you apprised as things develop.  Right now they're reporting that he is in negotiations.)

The other double-digit million money makers this weekend were Safe House ($11.4M) and The Vow ($10M).

FYI: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is still raking in some bucks, at $3M this weekend.

Check out the top-10 chart below:


Ranked    Movie Title  Wknd $ 
1 - Act of Valor  $24.7
2 - Good Deeds  $16.0
3 - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island  $13.5
4 - Safe House  $11.4
5 - The Vow  $10.0
6 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance  $8.8
7 - This Means War  $8.5
8 - Wanderlust  $6.6
9 - Gone  $5.0
10 - The Secret World of Arrietty  $4.5