'The Hunger Games' Facebook Game, But Bring The Wallet!

The Hunger Games Facebook game is coming soon, but you might have to bring your wallet along for the ride!

Arg... just when I thought Facebook was getting tamed down and I've stuffed all the game notices into obscurity, a new Facebook game is coming that will be sure to flood my message box!

Facebook, Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins and Lionsgate have gotten together to torment us with an online game of The Hunger Games and I am worried.  Worried because I liked the books so much (my book review) that I might actually break my own rules and play one of their games.  Ug.

In the game you will see an official map or look of what Panem is really about.

The game is officially called "The Hunger Games Adventures" and will be an isometric version of Panem.  It's due to premiere online on March 23rd, 2012.  That's the same day the movie will open in theaters.

Now the game is playable as is, so says the game maker, Funtactix, but players will be able to spend their "real world money" to snag upgrades and game tools.  All which will make game play smoother.

(Bite me... I'm already done with the idea.)

Being that it's Facebook, they've toned down the dying part of "the games" but on the bright side, if you have an iffy internet connection, the game should remember where you were if you drop connections and you won't lose valuable achievements.

This was an exclusive first look brought to us from Huffington Post.

Over there they have a screen shot of the game and more importantly, they have a link where you can sign up for the beta version of The Hunger Game Adventures, if you are so inclined.

May the odds... well, you know the line...

But there's a fee for all this information!  I want you to come back here and tell us how the game is!  Inquiring minds want to know!!!  Or use my About page and  and send me an email and I can add a review or update!  :)

Huffington Post:  The Hunger Games Facebook Game



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