Joss Whedon's Next Web Project, 'Wastelanders'

In case you did not know, Joss Whedon has been collaborating with comic scribe Warren Ellis to bring a new web project to the, well, web!  The web series will be called Wastelanders and it's an 'end of the world' kind of story that won't be a musical this time.  Or as Whedon said about it, "There ain't no signing" in it.

This looks to be his next project and it looks to be another gift to his fans from what I can tell.  This five-part web series
Wastelanders, is not as some suspect, the same thing as Wasteland from Antony Johnston.

Here are a few words from Whedon on the project:

"It's not going to have a soundtrack album, it's not going to have all these revenue streams. It's going to be something that I put out there because I feel like I have to, and I don't have to rely on anybody else to let me."

I love how he politely put it, "don't have to rely on anybody else to let me." I love that spirit of Whedon's.  As he has done in the past, he's shown that he does not need anyone's permission to produce something.  Joss Whedon has proven that with that little hobby project of his he did some time ago, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  Maybe you've heard of it.  If you just landed here on Earth from another planet, maybe you haven't.  You should look it up... it's on Netflix, Amazon and the like.  (
Dr. Horrible on Amazon)


It turns out that Whedon and Ellis had been collaborating on the project for quite some time...  in fact long before The Avengers landed in Whedon's lap, but for some, obscure (financial) reason, Joss had to work on The Avengers first.  Go figure.  But before Whedon was kidnapped back into the world of Marvel (As if he needed coaxing), he and Ellis had spent a few days pounding out an outline.  It seems Whedon wanted Ellis because of Ellis' spin with actual science stuff, and apparently there will be some science stuff in the series.

Ellis' Similar Sense of Humor

On Warren Ellis' website, he has a Wastelanders FAQ of sorts that I found and he talks about Joss being worried about the lack of any singing in Wastelanders, but then that Warren had hoped that directing an episode of Glee would get that out of his system.

The Avengers
obviously pushed back any work that might have happened on Wastelanders, but Ellis took it in stride, as he spun it in a positive light as time for him to eliminate anyone that Joss might work with that could help him create musical productions.

Is it me, or are they hinting this end of the world series won't have singing?  Which is good

Any how, if no other tent-pole movie lands in Whedon's lap, he can finally get going on Wastelanders, finish up post-production work on Much Ado About Nothing (soundtrack work) and whatever else is in his mind's plate of things to do.


I think somewhere down the road in our future, when we are gone, this era where Dr. Horrible came to be, and things like Wastelander evolved out of "wanting to do it perspectives," this era will be known for a brazen and daring time when the established system of Hollywood was bucked and threatened.  When they were forced to adapt as fans of these kinds of venues swarmed to the projects.  This is the internet at its best, and this is the internet with Joss Whedon wielding it like the tool it is, to do his bidding.

And the man behind 
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and a few other little projects has proven it when he took canceled TV series and created alternate venues to continue those stories in.  All because he stepped up and showed you don't need the entrenched process of Hollywood to make something good that fans will flock to.

And as some have put it, these two scribes, Ellis and Whedon, together on a single project, makes the brainwaves quiver.

Warren Ellis: is known for his transhumanist approach to story writing... and his work has been more focused on nanotech, cryonics and human enhancement plots.  (Which I wonder if any of those will be a thematic background to Wastelanders?)

Like Whedon, he's workd on some Marvel titles like "Counter-X" then "Ultimate Fantastic Four," "Iron Man" and later, "Nextwave."  You might have seen a movie that was optioned from his work too... titled
Red, with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

Yep... that caught my attention too.  So tell me you aren't jazzed about this little upcoming project?  Oh, wait.  I don't know any Whedon fan that isn't jazzed about anything he comes up with.


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