'The Killing' Cast Member Joel Kinnaman Lands 'Robocop'

If you have watched The Killing, you know that Joel Kinnaman plays Stephen Holder, the partner of officer Linden (Mireille Enos).

I loved what Kinnaman did with the role and the confusion he created with it... was he an ex-junkie, a cop on the take, or a hard working partner?

If you recall, that last scene from the first season of The Killing, saw him take a curious and mysterious phone call.  Arg!  I can't wait to see The Killing return.

But in the meantime, Joel Kinnaman has landed the lead role in the upcoming remake of RoboCop.  (Yes, yes, yet another remake.)

RoboCop will be directed by José Padilha (Elite Squad franchise) but no other cast or release date info has come out yet.