Big Brother for a Thursday Night 8-30-12: Ian Tries to Snap

Big Brother started 22 minutes late and Twitter was aflame with folks using language I won't repeat here.  You can blame the political convention, if you must, for delaying the programming.  But at least CBS aired everything afterwards, in full.

Julie starts the show by letting viewers knew that Newsweek mentioned Dan's big move last time around.  Then on to the previews.  Danielle and Britney are sitting on the block. Britney spruced up for the event.

Ian actually goes up to the HoH room to confront Frank and acts all high and mighty, asking what that was about.  Frank calls him on his past antics and Ian storms out of the HoH room.

Danielle is worried a bit about her status, whether she goes or stays & Britney is trying to start wrangling angles, while Frank and Ian go at it yet again.  Oh BTW, Ian is arguing with a giant carrot, because Frank is still decked out in his Big Brother carrot suit.

After the break, Britney was going off on a rant.  They showed "The Brigade" from a previous season and some Britney footage.  I've come to the conclusion when things don't go her way, she tends to break down quickly.


It's time for the vote

  • Dan voted for Britney
  • Jenn -> Britney
  • Ian -> Danielle
  • Shane -> Britney
  • Joe -> Britney

Later girl!!!  Britney is ejected from the house, but she joins Ashley in the juror's house.  And wow, Dan and Franks plan worked.  Britney calls Dan pure genius and pure evil, when asked by Julie.

The next Big Brother HoH contest starts tonight and involves the house guests hanging on to a rope while spinning around a thing that looks like the sun.  Joe fell off before the show left.  At the last second, Jenn gets knocked off by an obstacle put out there.