Big Brother 14 Season Finale Winner Is...

Well, Big Brother 14 came down to a some not so surprising moves on Dan's part and a surprise win in the three part Hoh contest.

The finale of Big Brother 14 starts off with the usual recap and then we're shown the different stages of the three part Hoh contest.

Dan made arrangements and both Ian and the sucker, I mean Danielle drop out, giving him round 1.  Round 2 went to Ian.  Round 3 Ian took it to Dan and became the final head of household in the season.

Ian ends up victing Danielle.

All of Dan's words and trickery finally got him to the final two.

The Jury questioning brought out the skullduggery of Dan and he outright admits to backstabbing everyone.

The funny part is that he says he had to play a dirty game to get there... all the while the super fan sitting next to him played a relatively clean game.  (No, his hands weren't clean either, but he wasn't on full-time word smithing like Dan was.)

After the last pitches by both, you can see Danielle steaming at how Dan snaked her completely once again.

The votes went like this:

Danielle*:  Dan  (says she voted this way to keep her word.)
Shane: Ian
Jenn: Ian
Joe: Ian
Frank:  Ian

Ian wins Big Brother 14!  Good job Ian... the Super Fan takes the cake!
(Britney and Ashley both also voted for Ian.)

Big Brother fans voted Frank for the $25k bonus and the show was renewed by CBS for a new season, come 2013.

*Someone was telling me that she evidences the traits of an abused woman who keeps coming back for more, despite the lies.  I can't argue.  She's been duped by some seriously lame-ass tricks by Dan... again... and again, and again...  and... well, the pattern is there.