Big Brother Recap for Sunday 9-9, Dan, Ian and What Mice Are Nominated

Big Brother for a Sunday kicks off with the usual five-minute recap... reminding us that Dan has "final two" alliances with everyone in the house.  Dan's winning HoH, Franks and Joe's eviction and we come back to the house facing the ....

We're provided with "Stuff we didn't get to see last week" during the double eviction.  (A nice excuse to use old material to kill good time.)

But then, there's this one fantastic bit where Dan stands in a room and then EVERYONE, as if they've taken a number and waited in line, comes in and takes their scheming plans from Dan.  Dang people... talk about lemmings.  (I have a "friend" and ex-coworker like Dan...  he's pretty slippery in how he deals with people, sets up some fascinating socials situations and plays them all into his favor.  So I'm sensitive to Dan's manipulations.)

Danielle even makes note that Dan has bamboozled her three times now and you'd think she's learned.  Dan then covers his ass and rounds everyone up after his nominations and "makes up" to everyone on his own terms.

And does anyone notice how Dan keeps having one-on-ones with all of them.  They're diary room entries all sound the same... they're all mad with Dan... but will they ever get their heads together and figure out Dan's skullduggery?

So far, I don't see any cognitive recognition going on here, while everyone seems to be out to get anyone else but Dan.

House mice!  Idiots!  Really?  Dan keeps telling us he's not evil, but seemingly, has the requisite skills to pull this off rather readily and easily.


Big Brother Head of Household competition is interesting.  Contestants are asked what day an event happens.  But then you have to maneuver a ball into a slot with the answer.  Wrong answers get the contestant dinged by the same number of points the contestants are off by days.  This required smarts and physical skills.

In the end, Ian wins the Head of Household contest after a tie-score run off.

The usual verbal navigation begin.  And yes, Ian gets Pandora's Box, which is a video message from his parents.  He accepts the message and opens Pandora's Box.  (Live Thought:  My guess is that the house will probably get something cool.)  What I didn't see coming, was a video from Rachel, giving Ian advice on how to win Big Brother.  Nothing useful but we watch Ian sit stoically and take it.

Meanwhile, house guests outside of the HoH room are the ones that get messages from loved ones.  I HIT THAT ONE ON THE NOSE!


Come nominations time, Ian puts up Shane and Jenn.

Bam! Another Big Brother night... not a lot happened