Big Brother's First Look At The Jury House and is Danielle Really That Naive???

Tonight's Big Brother episode reminds us of Jenn leaving and Daniell's victory of being HoH...  And we see the Quack Chant from the Quack Pack... and as Dan puts it, now "We have to start eating our own ducks."

The we watch Dan butter up Danielle, the student has beat the teacher... gimme a break Dan!  Danielle nominated Dan and Ian for eviction.

Jury House
We finally get a soundbite from The Big Brother Jury House... and Ashley may have spent a little too much time by herself at the house, and then Britney shows up.  Britney and Ashley both realize that Dan will probably win the game.

Then Frank joined the house and again, they all concurred that Dan snaked them all.  Later, Joe shows up.  Then the "Dan used the religious card" conversation came up.

Meanwhile, Britney and Frank are snapping at each other as Frank calls Brit on her going back on her word and she throws it back at him each time.  It might be more comfortable in the Big Brother House!


The most important Power of Veto competition was tonight.

It was interesting to watch the contest go along, but Danielle won the PoV.  And Dan is fully convinced he's safe.  (Live Thought:  And he probably is.  He's hoodwinked Danielle repeatedly, but Shane is a bit suspicious about Dan.  Who will have more sway over Danielle?)


Of course Dan plays up Danielle and it looks like she's buying into his bull*!  (Live Thought:  She's going to be sooooooo mad if she actually follows through on this!)  Dan has her convinced to pull him off the block, put Shane up.  He said he would evict Ian.  WHY WOULD SHE NEED HIM TO DO THAT WHEN SHE CAN DO THAT?  I don't get what this can do and how she's buying into it.  But then, Danielle tells Shane the plan to pull Dan off and Dan's "promise" to not vote for Shane.  LOL.  Even Shane is buying into it.


In the Veto Ceremony, Danielle really is that stupid (sorry, but seriously girl???) and pulls Dan off the block.  Wow.  Sometimes it's interesting to watch someone manipulate the crowd, but Dan seems more evil than most.

Dan spieled out some crap and evicted Shane.  Danielle, is admittedly shocked.  After evicting Shane, Dan asks her to follow him into a private conversation AND SHE DOES.

She asks why he continually lies to her, and then he tells her he did it to get her the win in the game.  LOL, WOW... he's something else, but seriously, she's exhibiting "abused wife" syndrome by constantly believing the lies that Dan has given her, over, and over, and over and .... well, you've been watching.  You get it.


Shane's a nice guy, Danielle is a nice girl.  They're way too nice and gullible.  I bet used car salesmen in their hometowns are lining up to sell them both some swampland on the moon!


The game is now down to Danielle, Ian and Dan.


And the stupid will keep happening in the first part of the HoH competition.  You'll see when they televise it.