Oh Brother, It's More Big Brother for a Wed, 9-12: On the Fierce Five!

Tonight Julie Chen called all the Big Brother house mice to the main room to tell them that eviction night comes early... once she's done, Dan does it again... he scrambles around to check or coerce everyone on what he wants happening.

I'm so disappointed in these people.  It's amazing how the socio-political game can still work in this micro-environment between just a few people.  It's a fascinating case study of how people function in society.

So anyway, Dan continues his socio-imbalanced play.  And even though everyone is sooooo close to uncovering Dan's plot, they seem to spend their time complaining about the situation rather than seeing what's up and fixing the situation.

The Veto Competition

The Veto game is a physically challenging magnetic puzzle game.  The players hit a button, swing across the yard, put up puzzle pieces, but having to swing back and hit the button every 20 seconds or less.

Ian wasn't to brilliant at this particular game while Shane and Jenn seemed to be on the game.  Ian gets himself DQ'd and then Ian starts helping Shane...  this ticks off Dan.  LOL.


Plus, the veto winner gets a luxury prize.  Shane (and a chosen buddy - Danielle) gets to meet the Kellogg's gymastics tour of gymnastics.  Or the Olympic champs, the Fierce Five.

They head out and get into a limo and are excited to see cars in traffic, people/strangers and the like.  (Hey, you have to remember, they've been cooped up with no outside contact of any kind.)

What was impressive was the number of questions that Shane and Danielle had for the team.

Of course, Danielle is totally jazzed to spend time with Shane.  In her mind, this is advancing her showmance with him.  I'm not sure how Shane is looking at this/her.


Shane finally pulled off himself off the block and Jenn gets put up on the block by Ian.

Shane votes to evict Jenn,
Dan, to evict Jenn.

Jenn is outta there!   And she went out with class.


The next Head of Household competition is between Shane, Danielle and Dan...  it's a photographic memory kind of contest...

Dan is the first one to lose a point by the third question.
Then Danielle faults and loses a point.  Shane is now leading.
Then Shane loses a point and they're all tied up again.
Shane loses another point.
Tiebreaker is between Dan and Danielle.
They had to guess a number and Dan went over. (Danielle was WAY under)

Danielle is now the new Big Brother Head of Household.  And now she's slotted for one of the final three!