Here's a few sound (word) bites from Sofia Vergara's visit to Katie yesterday,  (I did not know that she was a cancer survivor!)

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"Modern Family" star and noted entrepreneur Sofia Vergara (recently named the top earning female celebrity by Forbes Magazine) gets candid on today's episode of "Katie," Katie Couric's new, nationally syndicated talk show (check local listings, Vergara dishes on everything from her much-talked about Emmy Awards wardrobe malfunction and her dance video at the HBO post-Emmy party going viral to beating thyroid cancer. She also chats about her character's pregnancy on this season of ABC's "Modern Family" and addresses the possibility of having more children herself in the future, saying, "maybe next year I can think about it."  Since another topic covered on today's episode was breastfeeding in public, Couric asked Vergara for her thoughts on the subject:  "Would you ever breastfeed in public?" The star laughed and said: "No! It's not enough for you that I sent out a picture tweeting of my broken dress? And now you want me to breastfeed in public? Try to control yourself!" 



Sofia Vergara's on her Emmy Awards Wardrobe Malfunction :

KC: But before you came you later tweeted out that you had a wardrobe malfunction before the show. What happened?

SV: Well it was so funny because you know I always tried to pick my dress, something that I would never wear. I mean where else am I going to wear a dress like that but to an event like that? So I take advantage of that and I want to go with the best that I can, the more flashy, the more you know – I'm not going to go with a black dress.

KC: No? Boring.

SV: Of course. So I guess sometimes I want it to be perfect and tight. They're very delicate those dresses. And I guess now that you showed me this Ryan Seacrest thing, now I know where it came from, where it started ripping. It must have been there. You're not supposed to be doing those dance moves there.

KC: You tweeted it out, right? And basically you let it all hang out on your tweet. We had to cover up some of the inappropriate shots. But you were so funny about it.

SV: Because we were in the middle of the show, well not in the middle, almost at the end. And Julie was coming back from doing press from winning the Emmy, and it was in like the intermission or the commercial. And I see her and she was sitting behind me, so I got up, I wanted to take a picture with her and her Emmy and whatever. So I see my boyfriend Nick running behind me, "Noooo." And I was like, "What?" And they're like, "Come back. Sit down!" And I'm like, "No, the commercial is not done. Let me take a picture." They usually make you sit down because the show is starting.

KC: Right. So how did you fix it?

SV: Well I didn't pay attention to them and everybody saw my booty in that area. And then, I thought it was something small that maybe, I don't know, I never thought it was like a curtain that opened the whole thing. So but then when I saw Ed O'Neill, I see him like, when I showed him, Oh my god this is bad. So we waited until the next commercial. I sat through a whole segment. So I wanted to fix it or do something, because I had a feeling we were going to win, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to go up there.

KC: Right, because your dress was ripped.

SV: How many times in my life – I mean I've already have 3 times – but who knows how many more times I'm going to have to experience going up there with my whole cast and everything?  So I went downstairs. Those ladies, I don't know where they found them. They took me underneath the stage. They sewed me in. I didn't even take the dress off.

KC: And then they just pushed you out back there.


Sofia Vergara on loving her body :

KC: Anyway, I love how open and funny you are about your body. I know, I read this article in Allure magazine, you're on the cover and it's a beautiful photo, lots of pretty photos in that issue. But you talked about the fact that you're a 32F, that's your bra size.

SV: I don't have anything to hide.

KC: Clearly!

SV: I'm very proud of my body and the way I look. I would be ungrateful to be saying, "Oh, I'm so mad because people just look at me and see my pretty face" and all that stuff. I mean, no, I thank god for what he has given me and I take advantage of it.


Sofia Vergara on not feeling sexier at 40 than she did at 20:

KC: I know that you turned 40 this year. Do you feel sexier today than you did when you were say, 20?

SV: No.

KC: No? You don't? Come on! You must.

SV: It's a lie. Everybody tells me, "You look better now." That's not true. I'm not complaining, I feel great for a 40-year-old, yeah, fantastic. But you cannot compare the firmness, everything, when you're 20- years-old. It's the truth. You have more hair. More everything. No pores. Come on.


Sofia Vergara on why she isn't excited about her character being pregnant on ABC's "Modern Family":

KC: How do you think it's going to change the show to have a baby onboard? What's that going to do, you think?

SV: Well it's going to change for me because my hours of shooting with Ed [O'Neill] and Rico [Rodriguez] they're very fast because we come prepared, we do it fast, it's very professional. And Rico too, he's like an adult. And now with a baby…they cry, then bring the other one, the new one, they diaper…so we're dreading it.


Sofia Vergara on the possibility of having another child in the future :

KC: Now that you're 40, would you ever have another baby?

SV: Well I don't know. I never thought that I could have another baby because I feel I'm already 40-years-old, but I realized most of my American girlfriends are my age and they still don't have kids. So I guess if I wanted to do it, I could do it, it's not like that's impossible. But you know I'm so busy right now, like this year. Maybe next year I can think about it. Because I can be selfish if I'm with somebody that doesn't have kids, you know you have to compromise. I said a baby, but only baby, not baby and dog.


Sofia Vergara on the video of her dancing post-Emmys going viral:

KC: Were you surprised when you saw that that was plastered all over the internet?

SV: Yeah, because it was supposed to be at the HBO party where everything is like security and everything but you forget that people have their phones now and they can film you.

KC: Right, Prince Harry learned about that. It's true. You can run but you can't hide anymore.

SV: It's crazy. And you know, that wasn't really my fault. It was my family that was like "Go together. Dance, dance." I wasn't going to tell them no. So I went and danced a little.

KC: You did it for them. That was so selfless of you Sofia.


Sofia Vergara on beating thyroid cancer

KC: I think people don't sometimes realize that you've gone through some challenges and you've faced adversity in your own life. You were diagnosed with thyroid cancer, what, 12 years ago? Which was very scary. You had surgery and radioactive iodine treatments. And I know that was a terrifying time for you.

SV: Well it was terrifying because at that age I was very young and I had my son.

KC: He was 10 at the time, right?

SV: Yeah. And when they tell you that word, no matter what, you panic. The word, "cancer," even though you know, sometimes it's very curable, sometimes it's not, you never know, it's also about good luck. So it was a matter of taking care of it and having hope and going through it and you never know. Once you've had a sickness like that you always have that in the back of your mind. But it's a good thing, if you beat cancer your priorities change completely.

KC: And I like what you said, you said don't sweat the small stuff. But you also said you have to go on, if not for yourself, but for the people you love.

SV: For the other people, yeah. You cannot just sit and think, "Why did I get this?" Just keep going because what else can you do?


KC: Would you breastfeed in public?

SV: No! It's not enough for you that I sent out a picture tweeting of my broken dress? And now you want me to breastfeed in public? Try to control yourself.