REMINDER: Travel Channel's "Dangerous Grounds" premieres November 5

When it comes to coffee, some call me a coffee zombie as I lurched through the halls of work, arms outstretched, cup at the end of one of them, as I mutter caffeeeeeiiiiiine in a low tone, as I shuffle to that coffee pot.  It's ugly and everyone gets out of my way until I start ingesting and the shaking stops.  (That, & I stop looking at people with that hungry look on my face.)  People keep asking me if I've seen The Walking Dead.  I keep asking if that's a show about people before their morning cup of coffee.


via press release

How far would you go to get a good cup of coffee?  In Travel Channel's new original series, "Dangerous Grounds," premiering on Monday, November 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT (moves to regular time slot at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT beginning Tuesday, November 13), coffee magnate and adventurer Todd Carmichael traverses the globe, zip-lines on a makeshift cable thousands of feet in the air, and dodges machine gun-toting adversaries all on the hunt for rare strains of coffee beans in some of the most fascinating and unseen places in the world. 

Why?  With nearly a billion people drinking coffee every day, coffee has become the second most-traded commodity behind oil; and most importantly to Carmichael, his livelihood depends on the success of finding the perfect hidden coffee bean.  Buying directly from the growers means Carmichael must encounter danger and opposition from entrenched middlemen.  There's an amazing story behind every cup!