'Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome' Gets A SYfy TV Air Date

The newest chapter of the Battlestar Galactica franchise, called Blood and Chrome, has a TV date on Syfy...  Sunday, February 10th.

This broadcast is the culmination of multiple web episodes that have been put online, now coming out in one viewable telecast on TV.

This series has gone through a few hurdles over the last few years.  When it was first announced, it was going to be a TV series, then it was going to be a web series, then they weren't sure as the television entertainment landscape was being studied to see if the series might have a viable option out there.

This series was also plagued by memories of the slow and too intellectual series, Caprica.  Too many words, not enough action, despite the treasure of watching the origination of the Cylons.

Blood and Chrome follows the young William Adama (Luke Pasqualino) during the first Cylon War.

Why Syfy didn't spin this one-off to air on a Saturday night, I'll never know.  Sunday night seems to be a doomed time-slot to try and gain viewing traction, but then there's the Live-7 ratings afterward.

Then again, we already have a ratings of sorts, from the Machinima YouTube Channel where the web series aired.  And it looks like folks "tuned" in but it wasn't a consistent showing.

  • Ep 1: 2.9 Million views
  • Ep 2: 0.9 M
  • Ep 3 and 4: 1.0 M
  • Ep 5 and 6: 1.0 M
  • Ep 7 and 8: 0.6 M
  • Finale: 0.7 M.

So in other words viewers faded with time.

Syfy is hoping to pull in the same plus more viewers bying having pitched that there will be scenes in the broadcast version that wasn't in the web eps.

I had "tuned" in to the first episode and it seemed to have the old air of the first rehashed series from Ronald Moore.  But I wasn't interested in chasing each weekly premiere of a new YT ep.  Meh...  but I knew it was coming to TV, so thought I'd catch it then.  Then, now being Feb., 10th.

Hey, if they muster enough numbers, who knows what might happen with a possible TV series.  It would be nice to have the series back... but it needs to be as promising and good as Moore's vision.  Well, except for that lame-ass series finale episode.


  1. Still blocked from Australia.

    WTF? What sense is there in blocking a webisode? It's SUPPOSED to be on the Internet. Doh!

    Honestly, who makes these kind of shortsighted decisions?


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