'Deception:' Word on the Street is Not So Hot

I've been hearing about the new TV series on NBC called Deception and what few tidbits crossed my path was addressing a few issues, one of which seemed to be its similarities to ABC's Revenge.  Eh, so be it on that count.  Ever since the book, "The Count of Monte Cristo," I think all like-written stories could be accredited to that novel, if not something earlier.  Plus if you've been keeping track, the networks are trading rip-off themes left and right.

But now Medialife Magazine put up a TV review of the series from an early preview and the praise seems minimal, with suggestions abound on how shows like this usually go.

As reviewer Tom Conroy put it,

"NBC's new drama "Deception" drops the campiness, presenting a straightforward mystery. Since we're evidently supposed to take it seriously, the creators should have tried a little harder to come up with a plausible premise and to clean up the plot holes."


"The stories unfold in unlikely ways."


Maybe your take will be different and you'll enjoy the show and the base for the premise.  So I wouldn't take any reviewer's perspective for granted.  But this isn't a glowing start in my book.

For more details on/from the review, check out Medialife Magazine for more.