'Last Stand,' 'Mama,' 'Broken City' Collected Movie Reviews

In case you're wondering, the website Movie Review Intelligence is reporting that the industry of professional movie critics as a whole, aren't giving any glowing thumbs up to this weekend's new movies.

The Last Stand has a 59% positive rating, Mama - 55% and Broken City sits at 47% positive reviews.  These aren't horrible scores, but they warrant a second guess about if you want to go and drop the bucks or not.  But there is some good news amongst these dour numbers.


Movie reviewers that I trust, those who get the popcorn movie minded fan, they have given all these movies various shades of good/great or excellent.  That tells me that if I were to pick and choose, I don't think I'd be too disappointed in the movies.

Now if you're worried or impacted about things like the nuances of the setting, the over vision of a story and other artfully aware details, then you may wish to take heed in what the other critics are saying.


How did I choose movie critics I trust?

By picking out about 20 movies I liked, then going through these collected movie review websites and pulling out the names of everyone who agreed with me.  Then I picked out a few names that showed up the most times, concurring with me.

So have fun at the movies this weekend folks!



  1. Broken City begins brilliantly. The plot keeps you engaged with its twists and turns, making the story look like an action-packed suspense thriller. The build-up is superb. It convinces you to expect an equally gripping second half. Unfortunately, that is where the film runs out of steam and takes up a convenient, cliched twist which leads to an unappealing climax. The complex web of mysterious events gets unraveled way too easily. From a crime thriller to a political drama on corruption, the film also faces identity crisis of sorts. The transition makes you feel as if the director got confused and chose to take an easy way out towards the end. Also, connecting the characters' past to current events seems far-fetched. Some scenes hold no relevance to the story.

  2. Valentina.... THANKS for the input on BROKEN CITY. -B


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