Dear FX Network, Oh Why Do You Torment Me With 7-Day Delays

So guess who missed the series premiere of The Americans?  Yep.  Me.  And forgetting about it, I didn't even record it.  Now with most other networks, all I have to do is wait for midnight, or a bit later and the show I might have missed will become available on my Comcast 'On Demand.'   But not FX programming.  Every single show they redistribute to On Demand, they enforce a 7-day delay.  So unless they have an encore presentation, I have to wait until next week to catch the FX series.  Much like any other FX series.

I had checked with Comcast and they made note that it is not their decision to delay the On Demand broadcast, but up to the various distributors.

The only reason that I can take a guess as why FX does this is so that it forces their live+7 viewing ratings to be funneled through their broadcast and DVR ratings.  Or it could be some competitive things between FX and Comcast.  Who knows.  All I know is that I hate this 7-day delay.

Urg., Arg!