'Iron Man 3' Super Bowl Trailer And An Editorial

'Iron Man 3' Super Bowl promo poster and trailer

For a few weeks, many Iron Man 3 fans were waiting with a certain amount of anxiety, for the Super Bowl trailer.  It has new footage and after the first incredible trailer, well, fans  are needing more.

And badly.

And we waited through the first half of the Super Bowl, but nada!  Then the Halftime show.  Nada, but soon after the beginning the of the second half, the moment I saw Air Force One in the ad, I knew this was it.  I knew that Air Force One is in the movie, so I silenced the house, cranked the surround, and prepared to enjoy.

And after all that waiting, I got a 15-second teaser.  FIFTEEN seconds.  (Was it longer?  It didn't feel like it.)

At first I was a bit miffed, after all that waiting, but then my analytical mind started to review the process.  And suddenly I had a business management-like light bulb go off in my head!

First:  Statistically speaking, movies that advertise during the Super Bowl, see twice the box office performance on opening day.

Second:  At around a record setting $4 million per 30-seconds, Marvel just saved themselves an extra $2 million.

Third:  They just pointed millions of TV viewers to their Facebook page, possibly generating a huge windfall in their page's traffic.  Or at least, netting a bunch of new fans for the page.  (Right now, 12.9M folks like the page. [12,877,954])

Fourth:  I think they spent that other $2M on the screen banner that says "this game is brought to you by Iron Man 3."


From a business perspective, I think the Disney run Marvel made an excellent set of decisions as far as this powder-keg of an advertising pot of gold, called the Super Bowl.

I mean, I'm watching their fan count on the page and in just the time it took to write these last three paragraphs, they gained 2,000 likes.


But as a fan, I felt let down a bit.  I wanted another 30 or 60 seconds of a new trailer.  But be it as it may, did you notice that the (new?) armor looked a bit scuffed up already?

Check out the new Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, the movie is coming to theaters May 3rd, 2013!

UPdated: One Minute, Thirty Second Trailer:


ORiginal Trailer from first day:


Oh, and PS: To the other sites turning the promo poster upside down, dudes, seriously?  He's falling, not flying people!

Oh, double PS:  The Iron Man Fan Page is now at 12,881,875 likes.  "Winner! With almost 4000 new likes."
Next day update: Likes are up to 12,910,905 (+32,951 likes.  The Super Bowl works).