Who Was That In The Calvin Klein 2013 Super Bowl Commercial?

Calvin Klein TV ad for 2013 Super Bowl

Fans and followers know that when I'm asked to look into something for them, I'm like a dog on a bone!  And so it was, that I got a few items land in my inbox about who that guy was that was in the Calvin Klein TV commercial at the beginning of the 2013 Super Bowl. (Which I've added below.)

So be it.  I had a mission.

It turns out that the model in the skimpy skivvies is Matthew Terry and he's a Ford (Not the car) model.  He hails from Pennsylvania.

He works out four or five days a week to hone that vessel he tosses around for the camera, and focuses also on his diet to help keep things trim.

He used to be a personal trainer and has a weakness for chocolate and Double Stuf Oreos.  [menshealth.com]

He landed his Calvin Klein gig back in early 2012.

Do I need to say more?


Here's another link for you, [http://www.fordmodelsblog.com/tag/matthew-terry/