"Evil Aliens" Isn't So Evil, But Dang...

I just caught Jake West's Evil Aliens...  and I gotta say, that was the longest 89 minutes of my life.  The first 30 minutes felt like 2 hours and the rest, well, just kept plugging along in this 2005 movie. (A "friend" gave me the DVD)

The movie starts out watching a couple grunting away in a field, then aliens abduct them, doing a vicious anal probing of him and apparently impregnating her.  And the fun goes from there.  And with enough beer, it could be.

Watching the movie, I didn't come at it thinking comedy, so I may have set myself up for a bit of a fail there, because it might have made a difference how I looked at it.

The cast includes Emily Booth as the buxom reporter Michelle Fox and ... well, she was the best part of the movie possibly.

Though at times, aside from what I felt might have been unnecessary gore, there was one or two moments or deaths that did make me laugh.  In one quick scene an alien kicks the crap of a human with a kill shot to the chest, then cuts his arms off, then smacks him with his own arms, then tears his head off, then rips his eyes out.  Yea, the alien was angry.

But they weren't impervious and the altercations were fascinating, to say the least.

My sense of humor didn't gel, and hence, I am nowhere near in agreement with the IMDb user rating of 5.4 for the movie.  Seems too high for my taste.

But that's must me.