Crazy Twitter Fees for Celebrities

I knew folks in the entertainment industry get paid a bunch for some silly things, like being under contract to wear specific jewelry when out in public, wearing the right sunglasses, watches, etc., etc..

One example was when Charlize Theron was sued in 2008 for wearing the wrong watch.  The Raymond Weil watch company sued her for $20 million for wearing a Christian Dior watch while out in public

Think about that.  If a company is suing for that much money, you seriously have to wonder what they were paying her to actually wear it!

As it was, during that debacle of watches, the public learned that she was also getting paid $200k to wear specific jewels, $50k later that year for another jewelery ensemble.  Or if she's not paid, she was given a $35k ring, $9k earrings or what not for wearing them.

Or that Paris Hilton was paid almost $4 million to wear a specific brand of hair extensions.  Serious!

It's REALLY good to be famous I'm guessing.


So it was no surprise today to see estimates that Kim Kardashian is probably paid around $20k per tweet when she talks about a specific product.  Because, well, what else would you do besides fawn over what your favorite star wears?

According to the Huffington Post Frankie Muniz gets $250 a tweet.  Lisa Rinna, almost $1,000 per tweet.  The humble (bul*%$^t) Sean Lowe is whoring his sponsored tweets out for $6,500.

These are, per tweet!

Is that nuts or what?  (The answer is "Nuts!")