Is There A Season Two For Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition?

A reader sent me a question, asking if Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition is coming back for a second season?  So I started scouring the web. 

This was a tough one to track down, and though there was very little on the issue that I can find, what I did find was...

That it's still listed on the Lifetime's list of shows, (if that's a clue, or the web page was not cleaned up from the previous season yet.)

(I did find that the web page says that new episodes of Dance Moms starts up on June 4th.)

I found a casting call for young dancers for season two.


Despite the lack of news on a renewal, if I do the math about the casting call, and when season one aired, I'm thinking if it is returning, it may return during the same time of year that the first season, then fans will see it air around October.

If I find out any more news, you'll see it here.