'The Killing' Season Three Premiere Review

The Killing season three premiere review

The third season of AMC's The Killing premiered this Sunday night (6-2-13) and this time around, I expect that they will get it right.  They have to.  They said they'll keep the solving of this newest murder case to this single season.  Much like the original Danish series this is based on.

Holder (Joel Kinnaman) gets a case of a murdered teen prostitute, his partner wants to dump the case on someone else, but Holder, well, is Holder.  (His partner is a dick.)  And as we've seen, like Linden, Holder can't seem to let go.

Meanwhile, we see Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos), in her new happy life working for a ferry company and living on one of the islands, with Cody.

It's been at least a year since their last case together.  But Holder comes a calling about the murdered teen, asking her about a previous case, and that, gets the wheels turning in her head.  Then that familiar, haunted look starts to slowly creep into Linden's face.  You know the look, the one she carried around trying to solve Rosie Larson's (Season 1 and 2) murder.


This time around, the show has the same feeling and tone that the first season did.  And that's a good thing.  Clues are starting to get dropped, new events related to the case are developing and there's also a few fan-favorite cast members included this season:  Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica), Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary) and Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate).  I think Douglas will be a recurring role.  I'm not sure about Robbins and Staite.

I think this season will return The Killing to its previous glory from season one.  I'm banking on it!