Toys Are Dropping Movie Spoilers Again ('Captain America' and 'RoboCop')

As is always the case, as studios and rights holders start distributing their wares in relation to movies, toy makers start pitching their wares to potential customers and such.

It was pretty crazy when toys were being made for The Avengers, and everyone was desperately trying to guess the identity of the invading aliens.  I'm sure someone got it right off a wild hunch/guess.  And it happens with every single Transformers movies.

But now, it's taking place (potentially) with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the upcoming Robocop remake.

First up, the less obtrusive spoiler,


The Robocop remake.

TMT is reporting that marketing images for toys for the remake are demonstrating different models of the Robocop suit.

I will not post the images... I'll provide links to the articles and sources if you're interested.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie news?  Toys.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers (?):

With the upcoming Captain America sequel, even more MIGHT have been spoiled by Hasbro.

Over on The Cultured Nerd, they were reporting on images of new toys related to the Cap movie. 

At a preview show, Hasbro showed some images, "Hasbro showed a Marvel Now “comic” Captain America, a “comic” Baron Zemo, then the next slide appeared with both a “movie” Red Skull and A.I.M. Soldier."

Yep, Red Skull.  And sure, many suspect with the intro of A.I.M. in IM3, we'll be seeing more of them in upcoming movies.

But they suggest (about the Red Skull image), from the coat the toy is wearing, is that he might be impersonating Col. Nick Fury.

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Now these are all baseless conjectures at this point.  And toys tend to release weird variations of characters that don't actually exist in the movie platforms.

Iron Man is a huge example, where after the first Iron Man movie, we had all kinds of Iron Man figures with rocket launchers, motorcycles and such.  All fantasy variations of the character.

This could very well be the same thing.

Sure, it seems that the Red Skull might have perished in the first Captain America movie... but that's something we all assumed.  We also say Loki fall away to his doom in the first Thor movie.  Why can't Red Skull have survived some sort of twisted teleportation that the cube did or sent him to?

The other rumors are that this could be Robert Redford's secret role... meh... we really have nothing to substantiate any of this.  It's all the fun and games of guessing what's coming up in the new movies.

Captain America and The Falcon

As it is, we'll be seeing The Black Widow in it, in addition, one of my favorite characters, The Falcon.

This should be fun, regardless of what the toys suggest or don't.

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Robocop is due out in Feb of 2014 and stars The Killing's Joel Kinnaman, along with Samual Jackson and Gary Oldman.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is due out in theaters on April 4th 2014 and stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Cobie Smulders (yes, as SHIELD Agent Hill), and Emily VanCamp as Agent 13.

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