What Is It About Katee Sackhoff and Fracking? (Longmire)

Promotional still of Katee Sackhoff in 'Longmire'
Back in the day, in Syfy's reboot of Battlestar Galactica (ran 2004 to 2009), Katee Sackhoff played Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace.  In Syfy's dark take on the classic Glen Larson sci-fi series, they used the work Fracking (I believe spelled frakking in the series) in place of most people's favorite f-word.  This way, they could throw it around freely, since it didn't violate any TV rules on profanity.

It was a great TV series that captured all of our imaginations, until the last episode or two, when a few really bad story leaps closed out the series and pissed off the viewership.  (And Ronald D. Moore never really justified the weak ending.  It was so weak that it drove me away from buying the entire series on Blu-ray just because of how the series ended.)

But back on track, chatting about Katee Sackhoff...

After BSG, she had a recurring role on 24 and then she landed a three-episode guest gig on CSI in 2010,2011 (Episodes titled "All That Cremains," "Fracked," and "Cold Blooded") as Det. Frankie Reed.  I loved her character, but nothing else came of that role.

But in CSI, the case she was working on also involved oil fracking.  Back then, I got a kick out of that.

She later had a voice role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and then landed a great role in the A and E series, Longmire, starring Robert Taylor.  It's a great show and she plays Deputy Sheriff Victoria 'Vic' Moretti.

In tonight's episode of Longmire, titled "Tuscan Red," she and Sheriff Longmire are on a case looking into questionable fracking by an oil company.  Amongst other things.

Fracking...  there she goes again!

Ya gotta love it.

In her upcoming movies, Riddick or Oculus, I wonder if there will be any fracking there?

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Riddick comes out in theaters on September 6th, and Oculus has no release date yet, but she stars alongside Dr. Who's Karen Gillan.

Oh, by the way: Fracking is a drilling process of fracturing rock by a pressurized liquid.

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  1. Fracking frackin' sucks! Gas in the water well and bad chemicals in the aquifer.

  2. She uses the word also in The Big Bang Theory


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