'Big Brother' From Sunday, 8-11: We All Cry for Judd

So Judd was evicted from the Big Brother house because the house mice thought he was the MVP.  (Goes to show how rumors and word mongering amongst peers gets out of hand without facts.)  And tonight, we've been told we're going to see how the Judd eviction came about.  (That means CBS has no decent, new material to show us except for recaps from last week.  Ug.)

They started out recapping Candice's blow up during the eviction from previous episodes. (No new material)  It was funny seeing Spencer sit in the middle, just staring forward, trying to be as small as possible.  LOL.

On the bright side, we see more GinaMarie'ism's as she started using ugly words towards Candice. (Amanda said Candice decided to go out with a bang.  She should talk!) GinaMarie took some ugly shots at Candice about her being adopted.

Then we WATCH AGAIN Aaryn getting the HoH win.  (Did I mention that CBS had no new, good, material?  OH... sorry.)

OK, HERE'S A NEW THOUGHT from me:  Anyone notice the racial slurring has diminished a lot?  I wonder if the producers said something to the house mice?  I know that at times, they do step in to change things up.  One reason I ponder this is how Aaryn has been very quiet and always seems so regretful with every call she has to make as HoH.

On the bright side, we got to see the house mice dance around trying to figure out who to nominate for eviction with Aaryn and how Helen definitely is the center of everything going on.

We're at 13 minutes into the hour and we haven't moved beyond the last set of events we've seen televised.  Well with a few new details on how it got that way, but do we really need to see this?

We're seeing how Aaryn (and most of the house guests) was pretty upset putting Judd up.  WTH people?  Eh, good move Helen.

I'm starting to "hate on" Helen...  and I usually start hating the eventual winners.  We'll see how this pans out.  As it's been said, history only rewards the winner.  Buggers.

22 MINUTES into the hour, we finally start seeing new content and it's pretty much how upset everyone is in the house about Judd getting his ass tossed out.  Well, everyone except Helen.


Finally...  something new.  The HoH contest.  The house mice keep saying how you can't tell when the house changes it mind, anyone can be a victim.

ONE:  It is Big Brother... and TWO: Helen played you all!!!  Boo yah!

Oooh, the other thing with this HoH contest is that the winner picks the four players to be "Have Nots."

Helen was the first eliminated.  GinaMarie was next. Then Spencer, Elissa, then Jesse.  Then Amanda and McCrae went face to face.  McCrae dissed his girl, Amanda.  She looked and started to cry.  What a b*!  Gimme a break.  The finals... Andy vs. McCrae in this ball rolling agility test!

Andy does it in one try, and wins HoH.


Oh, but now Andy has to pick the Have Nots... and Aaryn, Helen, GinaMarie and Elissa actually volunteered to make it easy on Andy.  (And kiss his ass, to boot.)

This is hilarious... EVERYONE, in their private video journals think they're all OK, since they have a good relationship with Andy.

We get to watch Amanda ball her eyes out to McCrae about not being able to win anything.  What a different Amanda from a few days ago, who was raging her mouth off.  Bummer.


Oh god...  now Helen is advising Andy who to put up, and she wants Amanda and McCrae put up.

In the end, Andy blew off Helen and nominated Jesse and Spencer!

Ziing... see ya'll next time on Big Brother.

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