'Longmire' Season 2 Finale Left Exciting Cliff Hangers

The season two finale of Longmire, starring Robert Taylor came at us with a bit more energy and suspense than viewers are normally accustomed to.  And no, that was NOT a complaint.


In the Longmire episode titled "Bad Medicine," a lot comes to fruition while more rears its ugly head.

For one, Detective Fales (a fan favorite actor, Charles Dutton) shows up with search warrants all over the place.  And he's thorough, as he hits Walt's office, home and Henry Standing Bear's (Lou Diamond Phillips) bar.  All in his all-out concerted effort to find the killer of Walt's wife's killer, Miller.

But it's not all a bed of roses, because in an uncharacteristic move, Henry has kept a memento of the beat-down the wife-murderer took from a hired thug, Hector.  One hired by Henry.  Come on Henry!  Really?

But there's more.

There's a murder on the reservation, and well, actually a suicide that Walt and Branch (Bailey Chase) see via a video tape.  This guy's name is Ridges but the odd part is, initially, that there's no body. 

In subsequent conversation between Branch and Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez), it seems that Jacob "found" the body, and took it out and gave Ridges a proper Indian burial ceremony, fire and all.

Nighthorse shows Branch where the funeral pyre was, but threatens him to never step foot on the land again to get DNA evidence.


Vic's (Katee Sackhoff) troublesome tormentor, Ed Gorski (Lee Tergesen) to a bloody pulp.  The odd thing is that Gorski seems pleased it happened, as he could implicate Walt and Vic in the situation.

Vic tries to clear the air with the dip-weed, but to no avail.


By the end of the Longmire season finale, Walt is carrying Branch over his shoulder off the reservation.  Branch went back to get that DNA evidence and someone shot him.  In his weakened state, he said a dead man shot him.  Whaaa?

Henry gets arrested and looks like he'll be toted off to jail for the murder of Miller, but having not done it, we're left with who would hate Walt enough to make this happen?

Gorski checks out of the hospital, but leaves a note for her, saying see you soon.  Vic is pretty wound up and is laying in wait with her service pistol at the ready.

And that's how the season finale left us... baited and waiting for season three of Longmire.



Who shot Branch?  Was this some hokey bulls*t to get the cops off of Ridge's case, since Ridge seems to be implicated in Cady's (Cassidy Freeman) tire going flat and her getting hit by a car?

How will Vic end up dealing with this dick-weed named Gorski.  There's only one way to stop a man like him.  But will it come down to that?

With Henry headed to the klinker, and evidence pointing to the fact that someone NOT Walt, Henry or Hector having killed Miller, we have an entirely new can of worms to open up.  But who?  Cady maybe?  That would be one hell of a twist.

But more importantly, we have yet to hear about a season three renewal for Longmire.  But I can't imagine A and E's show NOT getting renewed.  If A and E renewed it for a second season, with a tad over 4M viewers on average, I would be surprised it does not come back.  The second season pulled in almost consistent but slightly higher numbers than the first season did.

And as the show becomes less about standard, canned police work and more of a serialized nature, I can't help but wonder how much better it will get.

Cross your fingers folks!!!

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