'Big Brother' Bulls... Apologies Start Flying

And the real Big Brother 15 fallout begins.

Have you ever had one of those days or moments where you get so comfortable that your public veneer falls and the real you comes out? 

Once, I uttered an "oh sh*!" when someone I had no patience for came around the corner and surprised me by their presence.  It was so embarrassing and an eye-opener.

Another time I...  well, had to do a lot of double talk to fix something I said to someone's face (who was standing behind me at the time that I said it...).

We all have those moments.

But CBS's Big Brother showed that when you are trapped...  I mean you are a contestant in the social experiment of a reality TV series, where everything you say or do is captured on video for the live 24/7 feeds, well, you had best be able to be on your best behavior for every waking moment that you are in the Big Brother house.

That, my friends, was the case this season as contestants Andy Herren (winner), Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer Clawson were snagged in the latest dramatic issues stemming from the show.

Aaryn and GinaMarie (GM) were the first two to have their dirty laundry aired out, and subsequently, were let go by their modeling agencies for their racist (verbal) behavior.

Spencer was more of the sexist pig kind of guy, but he works in a union scenario.  But that didn't stop his employer from being forced to make a public statement about not condoning his words.

The latest was show winner Andy, who seemed to get on board with a bit of agreeable trash talk (He was going along with a conversation) and he was immediately let go by his part-time employer, where he taught a speech class.

But hell, this isn't new.  I just found a piece for a Big Brother, Africa Edition contestant apologizing to all Ethiopians for something she did.

ALL?  Wow.

Back to the U.S., even Amanda Zuckerman is apologizing for her crap.  (I hope her behavior impacts her real estate career, now that folks have seen how she can really be.  She was just as ugly as the rest of them with her antics.)

Aaryn was slurping up the apology juice, saying it was a great learning experience.

I'd like to add, now that she can see that she's been caught and called on the carpet for it.  Not during the show or before the finale though.

Everyone is back pedaling.  And sadly, over time, anyone who pulls crap like this is usually "forgiven."  Meaning forgotten... as long as they don't do it again.  (Unlike Colton on Survivor, who is at it again on the show, despite his declaration of maturity.)

Being locked away in a box with folks you may or may not get along with for 24/7 can have its detrimental affects on people.  But like drinking, that kind of social entrapment can bring out the core of one's personality.

It's always enlightening.  And in this case, these few folks were caught with their guard down.

Aaryn's mother is saying CBS pushed the issues to help ratings.  (I guess she never heard of the internet.)  And on top of that show host Julie Chen didn't even believe Aaryn's apologies during their exit interview when Aaryn was evicted.  (Can't blame her.)

In the end, it will all be smoothed over I'm sure.  The only thing that would truly disappoint me, is if any of these contestants are taken back by their former employers, now that they now what's under the pretty wrappers of all these great folks.

UPDATE:  THR is reporting on more detailed reactions from the BB contestants reactions to losing their jobs.

Everyone seemed on the same page about how "they were only joking," the classic back-pedal to things like this.

GinaMarie was hurt but understood why.

The classic reaction came from Aaryn:  "I was on the rocks with the agency before I even came here, and I do have more opportunities, more agencies that are wanting to meet with me that I'm going to meet with [Thursday]. It's all good. I'm going to move up."


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