'Breaking Bad' Recap of "To'hajiilee," The Beginning of the End...

Tonight's episode of Breaking Bad, titled "To'hajiilee," is the 13th episode of the 5th season, the 59th overall, and after this episode, leaves us with only three spell-binding episodes left.

FYI: To'hajiilee is an Indian Reservation in New Mexico that used to be known as the Canoncito Indian Reservation.

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We open Breaking Bad to watching Todd (Jesse Plemmons) trying to cook the same mix Walter (Bryan Cranston) used to, but his product is only at 76%. (Walter's was 99%) He and his lackeys try to convince Lydia (Laura Fraser) it's not blue, but it's OK.

We also see Todd getting that phone call from Walt that we saw at the end of the last episode, where Walt is taking out the hit on Jesse.


Jesse's (Aaron Paul) plan for nailing Walt is to find Walt's money. And Saul (Bob Odenkirk) is in his mind as the avenue to that.

Then Hank (Dean Norris) catches Saul's bodyguard, spins a nice fib to get him to give some information up. It's not a good source of info, but it's a lead for Hank to start working on.


Walter talks to Todd's uncle, and agrees to do one cook and pay him big bucks for the hit on Jesse. But he doesn't know where Jesse is.

Walt says he can flush him out. This, as we learn, involves Brock. And Walter spins his bulls*** to Brock's mother, Andrea.

Andrea calls Jesse's phone under a pretense Walt lays out, but Hank has it.


Huell (Lavell Crawford) is "missing," as far as Saul knows and he is freaking out.  Later Jesse texts Walter with a fake picture of Walter's money in a barrel.  (Nice move Hank!)

WALTER TAKES THE BAIT, falls prey to Jesse's taunts, and yells a bunch of self-incriminating statements to Jesse over the phone.

He races out to where he buried the money, Hank, Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada), and Jesse follow him to the location.

This looks to be truly, the beginning of the end, the downfall of Walter White.


They follow and arrest Walt, but Todd's execution squad shows up (Walt called them, gave them the coordinates, then called them off. They didn't listen. They're all related to Todd).

And a huge gunfight ensues, with Hank and Gomez totally outgunned. Walter is pinned down in the SUV the cops came out in, and Jesse is in Walters car.

That's how the episode ended.

- - -

Each and every episode, they make Walt more and more despicable. And in each episode, we get a visage of something youthful and innocent. In this case, Brock. Am I seeing things? Is this some pattern being presented for a reason, or just coincidental?

Who knows.

But what I do know is that things don't look good.

At this moment, Walt spilled the beans on the phone to Jesse. I'm hoping that Hank taped that.

They found the spot he buried the money. But our good guys are in a heap of trouble while Walter is finally in a state of vulnerability.

As Hank and Gomez corner and arrest Walter, I have to wonder what's up in Walt's mind? What alternative plan did he have in mind?

But what's going to happen in the next episode, titled "Ozymandias?"

Well, the sonnet (short poem), of the same name has an interesting theme: The inevitable decline of leaders and their empires.

Here's hoping that means Walt!

But how the hell are they going to get out from under this fire-fight? Did Hank already call for help? Does Jesse slide over into the driver's seat and bolt. Him being the target, the gun-toting thugs follow, leaving our guys in-tact?

We'll see. ONLY THREE EPS to go for Breaking Bad.

KUDOS to AMC:  The teaser trailer for the upcoming episode actually did not give anything away!  Sometimes you can watch a show and as an episode ends on a cliff-hanger where our heroes are in life-threatening danger, previews for the next episode usually destroys any sense of tension.  (ABC's Castle is famous for that stunt.)

On the ending of the series, Bryan Cranston said on Talking Bad that it "Ends in a very unapologetic, Breaking Bad way."  Crap... 

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