Static About 'Godzilla,' Loki and R2-D2

This week there's been a few things that popped up about the upcoming Godzilla movie, Marvel's god character Loki, and R2-D2's cameo appearance in a non-Star Wars film!


Godzilla (2014) promo poster

First up was that there was a licensing expo in Sao Paulo where someone snapped a pic of a promo image.  The premise being that they thought that maybe this was what Godzilla will look like in the 2014 release.

It seemed legitimate, being as how there's always events in the background for toys, books and other things that support movies.

I just went back to the original posts that I had bookmarked a few days prior to check in on the news and do a quickie report.

Hmm... would you look at that.  The post I bookmarked, and other sites that were reporting on the new look, were requested by Legendary Pictures to remove the image.

Hence, the image went from great educated guess to proven find because of the pull down requests! Cool.

Godzilla model at Comic-Con 2013 event

What's nice is that until they get search engines to clear their cache history, one can still find the image out there.  Plus, the image that was/is out there looks very close to the model I snapped some pictures of at the Godzilla event they hosted at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego.

Let's see how long it takes for them to find me and send me the take down note.  (I'm banking on being a small site being in my favor!)

Godzilla model at Comic-Con 2013 event

These first pics are from San Diego.  The last pic...

Godzilla model at Comic-Con 2013 event


Godzilla 2014



Despite the fact that is a place where folks can vent by starting online petitions, and it having no real power over the mechanisms of Hollywood, they're at it again.

Again being that a petition went up as soon as Ben Affleck was announced as Batman in the next Superman movie.

This latest useless petition is an interesting one.  I say useless because as a tool itself, it has no impact on anything. 

Though I call the petition site useless, it does accomplish one thing.  That thing is that if it gets enough "signatures," the site does at least deliver a message to Marvel, letting them know that folks do want Loki to stick around in their Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the moment, there's only 22,000 signatures.  That's not saying much of anything to the studio.  And that's a bummer, considering how entertaining the character can be.  Including when he gets beat down by Hulk.  (Was that not THE funniest moment ever in a movie?)

Oh, and the Facebook page supporting the petition only has just under 1,700 likes.

Seriously bummed about the low numbers.  I'd love to see a movie with the God, or at least, to keep seeing him in Marvel movies.





About R2-D2

Back in the 2007 Star Trek movie, at the 47-minute mark, when the Enterprise drops out of warp and find themselves in the wreckage field of the federation ships, there's a scene looking out from the bridge and in the lower left hand corner of the view screen, there went the trash can bot...

Now, some keen-eyed folks have found the little bleeping bot in the sequel, Into Darkness...  this time, R2-D2 can be spotted about 1 hour and 17 minutes into the movie.

Gotta love ILM's fondness for sticking the little guy in there.

Images are from {.geeksaresexy.}. Go check them out... they're kid of cool in what they cover.

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