Did 'Thor' Take the Weekend Or Did 'Ender's Game' Hold the Fort?

'Thor: The Dark World' Box Office was good

If you're wondering how Thor: The Dark World did at the box office this weekend, The Hollywood Reporter is cranking out early domestic numbers, and it seems that Thor and a few other movies trounced Ender's Game at the theater.

Thor: The Dark World (Which THR is calling a 3D tentpole*) pulled in over $86M domestically, adding to it's worldwide pocket net, bringing that tally up to $327M.  (It's been open overseas for a while)

Other box office numbers for the weekend include

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa ($11.3M)

Free Birds ($11.2M)

Last Vegas ($11.1M)

Ender's Game ($10.3M)

(These are weekend estimates, but they're usually pretty close to actuals.)

That's quite the drop for Ender's Game and maybe it does have me wondering if book author Card's strong beliefs are impacting the overall performance?

*I dislike that THR is drinking the punch and calling Thor 2 a "3D tentpole."  It feels like they're trying to help push the industry towards its over-priced 3D gimick land.

3D has its place, but not in most movies, whether it be in the theater or at home.

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{article source: THR}